You Have a Wedding and Not Have Clutch? for The 2014 Sales That Are


Rebates they are a good time to make us the ideal jewel for the time of wedding it comes with force. The July and September they are the most busy for the couple who want to give the Yes, I want to, and the truth is that it is for us (at least for me) a good choice for Let us with the perfect garment without spend many euros by the way. And today we focus in the party clutchs: those key accessories but which gives lazy purchased. Methacrylate, clutch jewel boxes, envelopes full of bling bling… which option will more with you?

Is What is the answer, the truth is you’re going to find a model that suits (safe) to your needs and your outfit (if you are one of the lucky one that already has it).

  • Clutch with sequins and rhinestones of ASOs, EUR 30,98.
  • Dark blue box with stones in XXL’s Zara, 29.99 euros.
  • Metallized rigid clutch of Mango, 22.99 EUR.
  • Hex ball clutch of Uterqüe, 69.95 EUR.
  • Navy Blue clutch with glitter of House of Holland, 135,21 euros.

Photos | Sincerely Jules

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