What Man Should Not Wear in a Formal Wedding

In a previous post we mentioned the costumes appropriate for each type of dress code required at weddings, but not counted with the jeitinho brasileiro, or even that the rules are clear, have emerged hundreds of comments asking if there is a way to bypass the protocol and to attend the wedding of friends in shorts and flip-flops (or nearly so).

What Man Should Not Wear in a Formal Wedding

In first place we have to leave aside the laziness and selfishness, remembering that the bride and groom have invested a lot in the occasion, and I’m not talking only of money, but also time! They have tried to create an event that is as close as possible to their dreams, additionally, probably are concerned with the guests, their welfare and comfort, so the least you can do is to contribute to the party to be memorable, by following the dress code stipulated for the date.

But what if the invitation does not say anything about the clothes?

Then you go with the traditional costume known as the “full tour”, consisting of a suit/usual dark shirt, very clear, and a necktie is nice, but understated and sophisticated. Feet nothing more than a oxford very well greased. Accessories such as the handkerchief in the pocket, or a beautiful classic watch are also welcome.

But in this case the costume is not released?

There are thousands of reasons that the invitation does not list the dress code, or the bride and groom may have forgotten the same, so be aware that this is not the time to dress up that your striped polo with a coat of arms huge chest.

Having answered these two questions are the questions where the brazilian think that with a little hump, and street smarts will be able to flee the formal attire, see if any of them have went through his head:

What not to use in a formal wedding

I have a pair of social black and a blazer marine can I use them?
(Question of those who do not want to buy a new suit)

Not, the custom is formed by the 2 pieces that form a set, the suit still has the addition of the vest, so the combination cited is already considered the casual and inappropriate for weddings where the full tour, or the black tie optional are required.


I would like to go in jeans, can I?
(Question of those who do not have broadband casual clothing)

Only if the casual attire is being released by the bride and groom, but still, combine it with a nice shirt and blazer on the wedding night, the shoe in this case can be a little more casual. During the day you can do something more laid back, but without forcing the friendship, keeping the pieces neat and discreet.


It is very hot, I can leave the suit jacket at home?
(The question of who do you think that the heat is an excuse for everything!)

No, pray for the air-conditioning of the site is at full steam, delete the jacket mischaracterizes completely the formal attire, in addition to leave you with the face of an employee of government department, the key is just the jacket and the blazer which give an air of solemn and elegant, is with items that are casual or formal.


Short look formal, total black, can I go as well?
(Question typical of the adolescent and post-adolescent)

No, the visual is too heavy for a wedding and the combination is very difficult to become good at it, you would need pieces of very high quality and very well co-ordinated to work, a tie with woven doubtful already can ruin everything.


I have to wear a suit, but I want to highlight from the rest, what do you advise?
(Doubt anyone who wants to appear)

The dress code is meant to create order and make the whole world seem to come from the same planet, the last thing that the bride and groom want is a guy dressed as the Joker from Heath Ledger in the middle of the hall, and before any thing you must remember that who should appear are the hosts, the night is theirs. Want to show style? Carefully choose his tie, put in the accessories discrete and classudos, show good taste!


I don’t like to wear a suit, I can go from polo, jeans and sapatênis?
(Answer of those who do not strip the uniform)

If the protocol requires a suit or custom, then so be it. Polo, jeans, and sapatênis (which I call affectionately kit-adult) are not clothes for an important event where it is necessary to show the respect that you have for the bride and groom and how that night is also important for you, this will not be apparent if you wear your “outfit bbq of the firm”.


The wedding is the day, I can wear an outfit more relax?
(Question to those who think that any thing is a reason to abandon the suit)

Not, the costume social continues to be required in the ceremonies during the day (between 11am and 16h) but the suit can be in lighter colors such as medium gray, light gray, beige, brown and the like.

he ceremony is 17h, and the party soon after, can I use a suit of light grey or medium grey?
(Doubt anyone who is a fan of light color)

If the party officially ends the night, the best is to choose a custom dark, save the light ones for events that are due until 18h, at least officially, because we know that a lot of people get up well after that if the buffet does not expel the entire world.


My son is only 16 years old he can dispense with the usual and go with a jeans and shirt social?
(Inquiry from a mother who does not want to spend on a suit that almost will not be used)

From the age of 15 teenagers start to be more charged about the costume party, the most advisable is already thinking of a suit, nor rented.


Can’t stand to wear a tie, I can go to the wedding without her?
(The doubt of the fans of the open collar)

No, if you take the tie to his outfit becomes casual, only do this if the dress code allows.


I am modern and I want to replace the shoe for social tennis, all right?

(Question hipster)

All evil, when you do this you do not have a suit with a shoe, you have a running shoes with a suit, the sneaker becomes the focal point of the look, and the costume shall be informal. Only invest in this type of visual if the bride and groom to express the will of the guests are dressed in a relaxed.


Think twice before using

  • Vest – it is not wrong, but you can draw much of the attention that should be focused on the bride and groom and can clash if everyone is wearing costumes very simple;
  • Hat is only worth in the field and on the beach or at weddings during the day in open spaces, even so you must take at the time of the ceremony;
  • Jackets and scarves – can be useful in the cold, but during the party should stay in the headgear;
  • Sunglasses – on the beach everything well, indoors they will leave with guy mobster;
  • Chains, rings and bracelets – can disrupt the minimalist elegance and chic to your formal attire, think twice before you use.