Wedding Wish List

Here you will find our shopping list for the wedding printables. Just download and after checking the points. (To read the files in PDF format, you need the Acrobat Reader. )

You can begin immediately (at least 6 months in advance)

  • The wedding date set, otherwise it is-especially in the Mothersdays
  • all booked up. Many couples getting married in May and June and in
  • the period around Christmas…
  • If desired: appointment in the Church. What pastor or

Wedding Wish List

  • Pastor to make worship? Organist or choir book.
  • Clarify together: what about the budget? Cost estimate
  • make.
  • Discuss with all concerning: who pays for what? Often, parents or godparents want to assume part of the cost.
  • Discuss with your partner: how many parties we want to celebrate? Who would like to invite guests, can share. For example, Neighbors and colleagues for the eve, families and friends to receive, families and witnesses to the great marriage supper. Therefore: make guest list.
  • Price proposals request by: (hotel) restaurant, catering service, Disc Jockey (band), author, coach, boat (car). Book the most appropriate deals.
  • Registry office visit (contingent order, get papers such as birth certificate and Ledigkeitszeugnis, when divorced and with a foreign passport long last!).
  • Plan honeymoon (possibly visa request, starting with vaccinations).
  • Seek, where appropriate, legal advice regarding the matrimonial property regime.
  • Choose the wedding dress, no later than six months before the date you should buy one.

4 to 5 months ago

  • If you want to marry Church: you are looking for the conversation now with the priest.
  • Dispatcher: organise, wedding car or coach may be shuttle service for guests.
  • Select Restaurant: rehearsal dinner, wine, set menu.
  • Gift registry / wedding table put together.
  • Order invitations, table and menu cards. Don’t forget the maps at the invitations. Tip: If you just order the credits, you can negotiate better with the print shop a discount.
  • Update guest list and send invitations. The invitations for foreign guests settle a hotel list, with prices and phone numbers. Reserve room.

3 months ago

  • Interview with disc jockey / band. What kind of music is desired?
  • You want to put the perfect Waltz on the wedding day? Now is the right time for a dance course. Tip: Many dance schools offer short courses for brides and grooms.
  • Trace of the celebration plan more accurately, groomsmen and-if you want – groomsman set. Would you like flower children? Now is the right time to select it.
  • Thinking about emergency measures during the wedding: who has a car? Who can help spontaneously, if
  • you have to get something else or organize?
  • The groom should buy his suit now. Honeymoon book (the Passport is still valid?).
  • Set trace / music for rehearsal dinner.

2 months ago

  • At the hairdresser and cosmetician appointments, for the wedding day and-two weeks before-for the make-up of the sample and sample styling.
  • Rings can choose and engrave.
  • If you get married, civil and Church: you have already thought about the clothing for the civil registry office? On shopping!
  • What can foreign guests do, staying longer? How about including a canoe trip, a city tour by bike or a joint breakfast? Making plans!

6 weeks ago

  • Order flowers: bridal bouquet, corsage for groom, table decoration and, if necessary, flowers for Church and car.
  • Order wedding cake.

4 weeks ago

  • With the clergy conducting confidence call for church weddings:. Confidence spell set.
  • Shoes run a thoroughly!
  • Update guest list, the exact number of guests enter through the restaurant, set the table order (traditionally regarded: bride and groom of the father of the groom, in addition to the spouse of the mother of the bride, bride’s father sitting at the middle of the table, next to the bride and) Groom mother opposite).
  • Thanks to gifts for contributors to get (flower children, choir).
  • Rings pick up and safe deposit.

1 week before

  • Rather once again try the wedding dress (in the hustle and bustle, many brides take off a few kilo-or).
  • Post wedding ad.
  • Rings pick up and safe deposit.
  • Packing bags for the honeymoon.

from 3 days before arrival

  • Rehearsal clothes (with all accessories such as socks, belts, Hanky, tights, etc).
  • Point by point review checklist. Delegate the last errands and more yourself find headbands for the flower children!

1 day in advance

  • Finished Pack bags for the honeymoon.
  • Put the wedding dress and wedding suit ready with all accessories (stockings, shoes, etc.).
  • Pick the flowers on the eve of the wedding (if it is not supplied).
  • Sleep out, still good!

Wedding day

  • Now waiting only the appointment at the hairdresser and cosmetician
  • You. Breathe deep and enjoy your grand entrance!

List to print

Here you will find our shopping list for the wedding printables. Just download and after checking the points. (To read the files in PDF format, you need the Acrobat Reader. )  Expert advice: Petra Schuldt, Elf events, wedding planning and organization