Wedding Wine – What Wine Should You Choose For Your Wedding

Wedding wine will be one of the major costs of the wedding. It is not here to cut too much in your budget. Your guests will remember if your wedding pigs are bad. Conversely, they also usually forget it if it is really good, mostly because they have drunk too much and has caught a headache the next day. In itself out and buy your wedding wine, remember that they must match the food as good as possible. A good wine shop with well trained staff will advise and guide you from your menu. Keeps the nuptials a place where wedding wines are included in the price, then the hint adorable person on site tell you which wine best suits the various dishes you have to choose from.

Champagne – wedding wines also includes champagne

Champagne as a welcome drink for your guests is not a bad idea as part of your wedding wines. However, there is no saying the need to be champagne.There are a lot of delicious sparkling wines from other countries, such as Italy (which belong to my favorites), Spain, Australia and the United States. These wines are almost like a Champagne, but they must not be called champagne because they do not come from the Champagne region in France. The golden bubbles provides an easy and elegant atmosphere in the oblong glass for the welcome and the finger foods / snacks as possible. serves before your wedding dinner.

Champagne or sparkling wine is a nice refreshing welcome drink. You can choose between dry, semi-dry, semi-sweet and sweet. If the are unsure about what your guests like best, buy semi-dry and semi-sweet flavors. Often, people who are not drinking this kind of wine is not happy wines located in the completely dry end. Therefore, it is a good idea to keep it in between.

It can be a little intimidating having to choose from the large selection available on the shelves. Should it be white or pink champagne, which brand you must choose and choose now the right sweetness / dryness to people’s tastes. Are not as well versed in champagne / sparkling wines, so stay with it simple by buying something that in itself can suffer. Let also be using several thousands of crowns, unless your pocketbook is to it. It is not often that there are real connoisseurs among one’s guests, so it would be foolish to spend much money on the really expensive champagnes, if people still can not taste the difference between an expensive brand and a brand that costs less. However, it should just be aware that they are quite cheap bottles may disappoint horrid taste, so try taste always within buying several bottles at a time. Otherwise, ask rather once too often than once too little in the wine shop where i will buy your wedding wines.

Chooser Rosé champagne, so there are different variations that go from very light with a delicate sweetness to the more rich and dry. Try Rosé champagne for example. grilled lobster and lamb. Fall election on a Rosé champagne with a little sweetness, consider using it for your wedding cake or dessert.

Champagne drinks

One can also choose to make a refreshing drink with champagne or sparkling wine. Some of them can choose from could be a Bellini, Memosa or Kir Royale. These drinks are in the sweet end but do well as welcome drinks.

A Bellini consists of one part fresh juice, slightly crushed ice and 2 parts champagne. This is made in a champagne glass by starting to put some crushed ice in the glass, then pour the fresh juice up and finish with champagne / sparkling wine is poured carefully. Garnish if necessary. the glass with a thin slice of peach.

A Mimosa consists of a champagne glass half filled with chilled champagne / sparkling wine. The remainder of the tube is filled with a good orange juice and this is stirred gently. Add a slice of strawberry in the glass eventually as ornaments.

The last is a Kir Royal. Pour some blackcurrant liqueur into a champagne glass and put an ice cube in the glass. Then you pour 3 parts champagne / sparkling wine into the glass. One can also use a raspberry liquor instead, if desired.

Have not tasted some of these drinks before, so it’s a good idea to try them before in serving them. Can not even like any of them, ask yourself if it’s worth it to serve them to your guests.


White wine, rose wine and red wine, what to choose? Firstly, it is a good idea to choose something even like. Find out which countries your wedding wines must come. No one says that all the wines must come from the same country. But it’s also not a good idea to have 20 different wines on the table.Firstly, there may be demand for some of the bottles if they are much better than other bottles, and your guests will be disappointed if they do not have the opportunity to taste them. Suffice to have 2, max 3 different wines on the table, respectively, white wine, rose wine and red wine. Select any. a dry and a semi-dry so that there are different variations of the dryness to choose from. If some of your guests do not have much knowledge of wine and usually drink very soft and fruity wine, then a dry wine taste “sour”. When people call a wine sour, so it’s actually because the wine is located in the very dry end. Be careful at the same time not to choose very sweet wines, except in being advised that a vinspecialist, which says it is the right wedding wines for one of the dishes for the food.

Should even buy your wedding wines, so it’s a good idea to look on the internet. There are several very good online wine shops, where there are online chat to help you with these questions must have.Again, buy a bottle of each of the wines in want servers to the wedding feast and tasting them inside ordering large batches home.

White wine and rosé wine

White wine or rose wine to the starter is always well received by those who like wine. Fish, seafood and white meats are usually part of a starter and white wine is light and refreshing for these types of appetizers. A good idea is also to have rose wine as a substitute for white wine. It is not all who are excited about the white wine and a good rosé tastes also nice.

A few examples of what whites can go to:

Chardonnay goes well with: oysters, seafood in a light sauce with or without cream, some chicken dishes and dishes with pig. In addition, it goes well with strong cheeses, if you have the cheese table as dessert.

Sauvignon Blanc goes well with: oysters, shrimp, crab, lobster, seafood, grilled fish, pasta dishes with sauces of cream and poultry. It also goes well with both mild and strong cheeses.

Dry Riesling goes well with Shrimp, crab, lobster, grilled fish, poultry and pig.

Examples of what rose wines can go to:

Rose wines go very well with : salads and cold vegetables like grilled asparagus, grilled red peppers and grilled zucchini. Grilled salmon and shrimp also fits well with a semi-dry full-bodied rosé. In addition, veal, ham and chicken served with a good rose wine.

Pinot noir rosé is best for light salads, seafood, pasta and rice dishes. In addition, they taste great alone on a hot summer day.

Zinfandel goes well with spicy food, seafood, salads, pasta and rice dishes. Moreover, it will fit in well with fresh strawberries if you enjoy this wine as an aperitif.

Choose a rosé based on Syrah or Cabernet , then it is grilled food that will fit best for these wines.Dishes with little bite fits well to this type of wine.

If rosé wine is made ​​in a Merlot grape , try to serve lobster, lobster or scallops. Moreover, grilled salmon or tuna come into its own with this kind of rose wine. Braised lamb and light dishes and goes well with this rosé.

There are many more white and rosé wines that are made in other grapes or is a blend wines of different grapes. So it’s just to find what you like best and that fits well with the food in choose.

Red wines

When looking for red wines, one can occasionally feel good that the overwhelming selection takes your breath away. Do not let yourselves be intimidated by it, but what to do about the main dishes that will suit the taste of red wine which has. Holder of you for it, so can not go far wrong.

Some of the red wine grapes to choose from for your wedding wines are:

Cabernet Sauvignon pairs well with red meat, lamb, pork and game. It also goes well with strong cheeses.

Merlot: Use like Merlot wine with duck, beef, pork, game, stews, pasta dishes and pizza.

Zinfandel: Is usually a full-bodied wine that goes well with red meat, wild as deer, wild boar and pheasant, slightly heavier pasta dishes, turkey, casseroles and pizza and hamburgers.

Pinot noir grapes located in the slightly lighter end and is very soft in taste. Pinot Noir goes well with pheasant, duck, turkey, rabbit, beef and lamb.

This is once again only a small selection of what you can choose from the reds. The red wine is usually the wine is drunk most of, especially since many guests would like to continue to drink red wine after dinner instead of beer or spirits.

Dessert Wines for the wedding

You want dessert wines as part of your wedding wines, so must have in mind that the wine would be sweeter than the dessert and that it should complement the dessert of choice.

As dessert wine can choose from Sherry, Port, Moscato d’asti, Sauternes, Mardeira and Asti spumante . There are many more brands to buy the dessert, then look around you inside you decide which dessert to choose which dessert wedding wines.

How many cylinders. person

Depending on what time of day the wedding will be held, one can roughly calculate how much the guests drink. Holder of a morning wedding where you have a light lunch or just have a reception where finger foods, you should count on about quarter to a half bottle of wine for each person. Do you have guests for dinner, so it is estimated that approximately a whole bottle per. guest. This is divided from the welcome drink the wine through the lunch / dinner. Is a little unsure of how it is divided, it’s usually like this:

Glass by. guest at dinner that evening:

Welcome drink about 1 glass per. guest, however, usually guests to like a welcome drink, then 2 per glass. person is not entirely uncommon.

White wine or rosé wine to entree is about 2 glasses per. guest.

Red wine for the main course is about 3 per glass. guest.

Dessert for the dessert is about 1 glass per. guest.

The thing to remember is that more should continue to drink wine after dinner. So it’s not a bad idea to buy extra in. One can often deal where you buy your wine, if you have a lot of wine in excess, so you can return it and get back his money for the unopened wine.

Holder of the party at the hotel, inn, manor or castle, the price of your wedding wines included in your menu. However, one can also select menus without wine. Truck mounted in your own wedding wines, you should be aware that more places have it called prop price. This means that you pay for each wine that is opened by your own wine. Compare at that location which rules they have brought wine, so do not be surprised by the bill.

How much do wedding wines cost

Holder in even the party and can determine the cost of your wedding wines, do not buy the most expensive wine in the find. This refers not to the need to buy the cheapest of the find. There are many good bottles of wine in the price range from 65 to 100 kr. Per. bottle. I must remember that the more people drink, the more their sense of taste may be impaired. So go out and buy red wine for 500 kr. Per. bottle would be a waste of money. In addition, many of your guests certainly could not taste the difference between a bottle for 65-70 kr., Above the 500 kr.

Is your wedding wines in the price where you have chosen to hold your wedding party, and are not satisfied with the wine belonging to the wedding menu selected, then in at a surcharge few other brands of wedding wines instead.