Wedding Sweets: 15 Delicious Mouthwatering Suggestions!

There is no one who does not resist good candy, right? Especially when it comes to a bountiful table of sweets at a wedding party.

There is no denying that the time to taste is the most awaited by the guests, because these delights offer great pleasure just by looking. Is not true?

Remember that the ideal is to bet on a sweet table with a diversity, different styles and formats in order to satisfy all types of palates.

For you not to err in choosing, it is important to meet the companies specializing in sweets and do some tastings so that your choice is facilitated.

Thinking of these details, we bring some suggestions for wedding candies that will make your guests mouth water.

Types Of Candies For Wedding

1 – Macarons

Macaroni is a type of candy present in many marriages. For those who have tried it with certainty approved, because this is a delicious and crispy sweet that has the shape of a cracker, being stuffed inside with a super appetizing cream. It gives a certain desire just to look!

Macarons are made of various colors and flavors like chocolate, lemon, hazelnut, vanilla, pistachio, chestnut, strawberry red fruits among others. To present vibrant colors, the macarons are artificially colored, depending on the taste.

Originally, in the recipe of this candy is used almonds , sugar and egg whites and the filling is usually a cream very similar to ganache.

The macaron stands out in the table of sweets, for being an option different from the traditional, even more to present in its texture cheerful colors that leave the table with a different and beautiful feature.

In addition to integrating the table of sweets, the macaron can also be part of the cake, or even be used as a wedding souvenir to the guests.

Regarding the quantity for this type of sweets and for others, it is advisable to calculate 5 0u or 6 sweets for each guest. For a wedding with 100 guests, ideally you order 500 candy units. After all is better left than missing!

2 – Cupcakes

Another sweet that is very successful and one of the darlings in weddings is the appetizing cupcake. Several are their textures, flavors and coverings, can be handcrafted, it depends on the taste of the bride and groom.

For you who prefer the more traditional, the chocolate cupcake will make a success at your party. There is nothing better than a tasty chocolate candy!

For the couple that has the most sophisticated taste, the tip is to customize your cupcakes to look even more beautiful and modern. The option is to adhere to the cover of american paste, ganache or buttercream, as this choice allows a decoration full of details.

Remember that cupcake cups may also have a special touch of customization.

3 – Fruit Candy

The option with fruits can not be lacking in your table of sweets, as it has nothing irresistible than a mixture of sweets with tropical fruits.

Wedding sweets with the combination of coconut, strawberry, passion fruit, lemon, cherry, grape, peach and even banana are sure bets as they are also in the preference of most of the guests.

No one can resist these temptations! Red fruit tart, truffles, soufflés ice cream as well as puddings and fruit bales are great options that will please in full the taste buds of all of your party. Hmm!

4 – Marshmallow Sweets

To dare yet, how about adding marshmallow candy on your candy-to-wedding table? These treats are an economical choice to replace the more traditional sweets, leaving your table more creative and delicious.

Of soft consistency, this candy is found in different shapes and colors, and can be distributed in vases, bowls, or even stuck on toothpicks to resemble an arrangement of flowers. The decoration of your table will get even richer!

5 – Well Married

For many marriages the well-married is an indispensable sweet, since it is one of the most traditional sweets that appeals to popular taste. With the passage of time, the candy has been gaining other shapes, colors and flavors, being another option to make your table full and beautiful.

The well-married consists of a mini cookie made of very soft dough, and the filling usually is usually dulce de leche. Oh, delicious!

The use of the well-married are varied: in the cake, in the complementation of the table of sweets or even as the tradition sends, offered to the guests like wedding souvenir.

6 – Ice Cream

Shoot the first stone who resists temptations like these: ice creams, bucks, soufflés, mousses or jellies. I guarantee you can not resist those tastes! Speaking of wedding candies, these can be good alternatives for your party to get even better, especially if your wedding is during the summer.

Talking about ice cream already gives you a taste of want more, does not it? Well, like this one, other ice creams like pavé, soufflés, mousses and jellies are in popular taste.

You can opt for a range of flavors like chocolate, cream, caramel, vanilla or bet on the seasonal fruit flavor like strawberry, pineapple, lemon, apricot, graviola, raspberry among so many others.

Its tasting menu will be much more tasty and surely your guests will appreciate these delicacies with great satisfaction.

7 – Walnut Cameo

The walnut cameo is a kind of thin, sophisticated candy. You who want to dare and leave your table very modern how about betting on these sweets? The cameo is made from nuts, condensed milk, sugar and eggs. It can be placed both in cups and mini cups so that everyone in your party can taste in all ways.

8 – Brownies

Brownie is a traditional cookie with chocolate syrup from the United States. In its mass can be included walnuts, almonds, nuts or other cereal of your preference. The sweetheart revered so much that it gained fans here in Brazil, especially when it comes to being part of the table of sweets at weddings.

The tip is to choose to make a table with a beautiful decoration of brownies of different flavors. It is mouthwatering!

9 – Mini Naked Cake

If you seek different inspirations from sweets to decorate your table, bet on the new trend of naked cake mini buns translated as “bare cake”. As the name says the cookie is not covered and is decorated only with stuffing and fruit. It gives an irresistible sensation to look at these delectable sweets!

10 – Brigadier

Just like at children’s parties and birthdays, Brigadier also has a very special place at the wedding table. It is no wonder that these delicious sweets besides captivating the palate of the majority, are the most coveted throughout the party.

At wedding parties brigadeiros are often different from those typical rounds rolled and covered in granules. So it is not only the appearance of the brigadeiros who are different in marriage, but also the flavor.

However, there are still those couples of more traditional grooms who are worshipers of the most typical and do not discount the recipe of the original brigadier at his table of sweets.

Gourmets brigadeiros are a new trend in the market for those who seek refinement in their sweets for marriage. They can present different coverings and flavors like: hazelnut, banana, pineapple, lemon, strawberry among others.

Remembering that there is still the option of brigadeiros in decorated pots, but is at the discretion of the bride and groom. Undoubtedly, the decor of your candy table can look even more beautiful with these adorable treats!

11 – Cookies

Crunchy cookies better known as cookies are a great alternative to complement your wedding table. Whether they are full or chocolates can be served to the guests without fear, because not everything needs to be sophisticated to please.

There is also to talk about the personalized cookies with American paste, in addition to being creative and sophisticated they present a more cheerful and beautiful appearance in the decoration of the table of sweets, not to mention that will attract even more the looks of everyone of the party. Several can be formats, colors and flavors. They are so cute they even give a meal!

12 – Honey Bread

The famous honey bread is present on several occasions, for being a simple sweet and tasty fell into the popular taste. In weddings is no different, the bread of honey is usually used in various ways, be it in the decoration of the sweet table or can be offered as a souvenir to the guests. A real eye drop, is not it?

This candy from europe, is made from honey, wheat flour, chocolate, butter and eggs. Once finalized, they are usually bathed in chocolate. Hmmm, that’s yummy!

13 – Chocolate Lollipops

Chocolate lollipops are also key pieces in the candy table for wedding, they are successful and your guests will love returning to the times of child. They can be of different formats like mustache, mouth, heart among others, making your party a lot of fun. What about betting on this irresistible and appetizing suggestion?

14 – Cheesecake

These famous cheesecakes give you what to talk about when it comes to wedding parties. The cheesecake is an American trend that has become popular in the taste of Brazilians. So this is a good bet for the gossip of your wedding guests! Everyone will love this delish dessert.

15 – Chestnut Confectionery

Another type of bonbon that makes success in weddings is the bonbon of chestnut. Is not anything hotter than a mouthful? For many couples this option can not be lacking in the menu of food and drinks. Undoubtedly a real temptation for the good palates of the party!

How To Organize Your Candy Table

Once you have chosen your sweets, the next step will be the organization and decoration of your table. Your table should have a central point in case the wedding cake is the main item. He should always be in the center. The sweets should focus on the front and vertical of the table.

You can enter in the vertical point, flower arrangement, chandelier with candles and sophisticated porcelain items, according to the chosen color palette. Choose elegant and discreet vases.

Do not overdo the colors, study the perfect combination. Create a beautiful and elegant background for your desk. Keep in mind the setting, the temperature, and space to assemble your candy table for a wedding.

As shown by an example below, the color palette in lilac, pink and yellow color are deeply elegant and romantic.

The decoration with doves on the trays of candy for marriage, conveys a nice harmony. Another detail is to put on your sweet table for wedding, door portraits, as it leaves an even more beautiful look.