Wedding Shopping Guide: Balloon Bouquet

The decision is: you will get married! This is a good news, but after you have received the first congratulations, it will be time to begin preparations for your big day. There are loads of things that need to be done so your wedding day will really be the most beautiful day in your life. Our wedding shopping guide will help you think about all the errands that you need before your wedding or for the actual celebration. Stressful purchases at the last minute will save you money.

Half A Year Until The Wedding

Ideally, choose your wedding reception so that you have at least half a year to plan.

Save-The-Date Cards

Are you planning your wedding in summer time? Then you should send in time so-called save-the-date cards, even if a precise date is not yet fixed. So, let your guests know about your plans, which will surely keep you from the deadline.

Wedding Invitations

In addition, it is time to prepare the actual wedding invitations. You can buy ready-made card sets, which include not only the invitations, but also thanksgiving cards, menu cards and table cards. So everything fits in color. Of course, even self-made invitations are very beautiful. In this case, think of motif embroideries, stamps, glue and borders to create an individual design.

Five More Months To The Big Day

Time’s running. It only takes five months until you finally get married. Now it’s time for the following purchases:

Wedding Counselor: Get inspirations for the wedding.

Wedding romance: Indulge in anticipation and agree with your soulful and moral mood on your big day.

Wedding music: Listen to romantic music and experience your wedding in your imagination.

In addition, you can have a wedding diary to keep your experiences and feelings of the exciting preparation time for eternity and Balloon Bouquet. Here at you can get more different models and styles.

The Wedding Is Approaching: Another Four Months

By now, it’s time to send the invitations. In addition, you should buy and design the menu cards about four months before the wedding. The table cards as well as the suitable table card holders are now on your shopping list. The best way to plan your bachelor party is to look for the matching outfits and accessories.

Only A Quarter Of A Year

Three months before the wedding, it is time to look after the decoration for the location. You have nearly endless possibilities such as wedding girders, balloons in various forms, wedding pennants, candles and tealights. Do not just think of the decoration for the celebration after the wedding, but also to the actual wedding ceremony. Some myrtle wreaths in the church or on the stand make for a solemn atmosphere. Likewise, you should select the flower bouquet and the bridal bouquet slowly but surely and order.

Two Months Left Until The Closure

At least eight weeks before your wedding, the really important things are: Now you should choose the wedding rings together with your partner . This is probably the strongest symbol of your love and attachment. Also think of a ring cushion, so that the ring can be presented appealing during the wedding ceremony. Likewise, you should now look for the wedding dress and the suit for the groom. Once this is done, the guest gifts must be selected. Do not just think about the adult guests, but let yourself be especially curious for the children.

In Four Weeks Time Has Come

Slowly it is serious: the days until the wedding are counted. All important purchases such as the wedding rings as well as the outfits for the bride and groom should now already be done, because now goes to the fine tuning. Choose, for example, the Brautschmuck and think of the hair jewelry as well. Should it be an elaborate necklace or a simple chain? You decide! If the bride wants to wear a garter, the right moment has come to buy it.

In addition, you should opt for a wedding cake including cake fig. Are you planning a special car for a wedding? Then get yourself the jewelery with which you would like to present your vehicle on a wedding. If you plan a honeymoon, you may have to buy new cases. Once you have bought everything, you can sit back and enjoy the most beautiful day of your life with joy.

After The Wedding

Congratulations, you have done it, and thanks to the monthly preparation, you have certainly had a wonderful day. Nevertheless, there are still a few purchases on the shopping list:

Acknowledgments: Of course you should thank your guests now. Send Thanksgiving cards and attach a beautiful photo.

Wedding Album: Buy a high-quality album and let your wedding pictures evolve to capture your memories for eternity.

Picture Frames: Also think of picture frames in which you can present your wedding picture at home.