Wedding Rings For Men And Women

You must have both engagement and wedding rings? There are many who choose to use their engagement rings as their wedding rings. Others choose less expensive engagement rings and buying expensive wedding rings when they’re getting married. Someone chooses the woman only to have an engagement ring, usually with diamonds or gemstones in, while others are buying plain wedding rings for the wedding, which fits to the engagement ring.

Engagement rings and wedding rings can be produced by many different metals. You can choose them in individual metal or a combination of many different. Gold and white gold are some of the most traditional metals used in engagement rings and wedding rings, but titanium, silver, palladium, rosé gold, stainless steel, tungsten and Platinum are also used.

To consider its budget, when you have to choose engagement rings and wedding rings. In considering the durability – can the metal, in order to have you decide on your finger, resist it in using your hands to in everyday life, at work and at and hobbies etc. Remember that the higher the carat of metal, the softer it will be. Match the color to the other jewelry yesterday with, such as necklaces, watches, earrings and possibly. other rings?

Ye shall make you thinking about who should be patterns in your call whether to be diamonds or other gemstone in which color you want in the stone, the ring must have more metal in it and which metal should be used.

Different types of wedding rings

A topic that has been up and turn at home is: can we have different metal types in each our wedding rings? We were first very disagree, for engagement ring is in white gold with 5 diamonds of 0.10 carats each and are very feminine. But it means that the man then forced to wear white gold? No, the most important thing is that we are happy for the ring you have on. It is, after all, married to each other, no matter what color metal that is on the finger. But it is, of course, a decision to take themselves.
It’s also been very modern that a man can have a stone in his ring. Again, if that’s what it is for, so it is just to do it. It is your choice and your day and to do it, that makes a happiest.


Engagement rings and wedding rings yellow Gold is one of the most popular metals used for engagement rings and wedding rings. Gold varies from 8 to 24 carats. The higher the karat of gold, the higher the content of gold is there in the ring. 18-karat gold contains 75% gold, 14 karat contains 58.5% and 37.5% have gold in 9 Carat themselves. We must have in mind that if you choose 24 carat, which is pure gold, so will the metal be softer in it than at a smaller carats. Gold suits both for men and women of color and most colors of stones fit into gold. This applies in particular to cope with diamonds, pink diamonds, pink Sapphire and rubies that do well with gold.

White Gold

Engagement rings and wedding rings white gold white gold is rising in popularity. The most common carats are 9, 14 and 18 carat which are alloys. White Gold is stronger in the metal, so it is more durable than gold. White Gold is gold that has been an alloy of palladium, which gives it its bright color. White Gold is often plated with rhodium to highlight the white color and to protect the ring against wear and tear. However, rhodium, so one must even wears away out in the future, have put a new coating to protect the ring. To the woman becomes a white gold ring very feminine, especially if there is a diamond or two in It gives just that extra bling., if you want it.

Rosé Gold

Engagement rings and wedding rings rosé gold Rosé gold becomes, when copper alloyed with plain gold. The color tint will be slightly pink and the metal is strong, but an 18 karat will still be softer than 9 carats in the metal. Rosé gold has the same carat as white gold and 18 karat contains 75% gold and the rest are mainly copper, depending on who manufactures it. Rosé gold is pretty romantic in its soft color and will be nice either as engagement rings or wedding rings.


Engagement rings and wedding rings Platinum Pure Platinum in engagement rings or wedding rings are made up of 95% pure Platinum and is located in the most expensive end of the price range. Platinum is a rare metal and a bit heavier than gold, therefore, is the price at which it makes. If you want to invest in a ring that holds the life out, so is it Platinum one should choose. The metal is very hard (with the second after heavy stone) and can withstand the wear and tear. Platinum oxidizes not so it does not break down in the same way as other metals. Platinum is also hypo-allergenic. Over time there will be scratches in a platinum ring, but even if this happens, then the metal is not lost. The metal moving out to the sides, without disappearing, so the metal doesn’t wear away. At some point it will be necessary to get polished platinum ring up, if you want to keep it in perfect condition.