Wedding Ring with Heart

A wedding ring with a heart? Voilà! This piece of jewelry combines two of my great loves when it comes to jewelry: minimalist design with a playful twist–a detail that keeps the eye hanging. The Ringset is made in Tel Aviv and comes from the jewelry forge of CADI jewelry.

CADI Jewelry is made up of Maya and Eliad, who are also private a couple and have met while traveling. After stays in the Middle East with its rich tradition of jewellery processing at the highest level, the two of them first went to Spain. In Barcelona, the two lived and worked for a time and came into contact with the modern design traditions of the West.

Our designs, like our relationship, became a meeting of contrasts, we are officially obsessed with mixing cultures, styles and techniques, integrating tribal motifs and innovative design trends. Our designs are made to be mysterious, powerful, seductive, and bold.–CADI Jewelry

Together they founded Jewelation, an open jewellery studio in Tel Aviv, which is intended as a workplace and exchange platform for various independent jewellery designers.

Check out the work of CADI jewelry on your site, you can find it here! The model above is made of gold, and white gold is another variant, I have added you the pictures below. The ring is still in wide-but the narrow version is definitely my favorite. But I’m not sure whether I’d take it in gold or in white, what do you like better?

And here of course still the model in white gold:

Want another dream ring?

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