Wedding Ring Rings with Great Symbolism

Already in ancient times, the Trauring was known.Romans and also Egyptians wore the trauring on their left hand.The reason for this was the faith, the closeness to the heart and thus to the love.However, only the women wore the wedding marriage or engagement ring.It was usually made of iron, and was regarded as the sign of the bond, and as an acknowledgment of receipt for the dowry.The tradition of wearing the ringfinger named after him has been preserved to this day.While in many Western countries the Trauring is worn on the left Ringfinger, it is customary in the Netherlands, Austria, Germany, as well as in Poland, Norway, Russia and many Eastern Bloc countries to wear the ring on the right ring finger.

The reason for this is quite simple, because most people are right-handed and the left hand does not disturb the ring at all.

Oher rings are often provided with engravings in the inner ring rail.In ancient Roman rings, for example, the inscription “Pignus amoris habes”, which means “You have my love deposit”.Today the most common engraving is the name of the partner and the date of the wedding.

Since the second century BC there existed among other things also really golden rings in the form of intertwined hands.According to Livy, golden rings were found in large numbers on the battlefields of southern Italy, which indicates that they must have been the passages.Its ecclesiastical significance since Pope Nicholas I (c. 850) is of ecclesiastical significance.The ringing is regarded as a parable of love, loyalty and consistency, and marriage to God.Just as the ring is infinite, has no beginning and no end, the relationship of the couple and the covenant with God shall be: “Until the death separates you.” Since the beginning of the 13th century, Eherings have been a part of the ecclesiastical tradition.

There is also a wedding ring in Judaism;but this is only used ritually. Here at Thembaprograms you can get more different models of the wedding items. During the marriage the bride is put such a ring on the index finger of the right hand.What is meant by the ritual is that the man with 7 prince gold buys the woman.

A ring pair is a very common symbol of marriage, often leading one ring through the other.The rings themselves are also provided with this symbolic meaning.Thus their circular shape is infinite, because intertwined rings can not be separated without damaging them.They are similar to the modern symbol of infinity, and they are mostly used for valuable non-oxidizing materials – all symbols suggest eternity and connectedness.Special ring forms also have a religious significance, eg the use of three-lined rings to symbolize the Holy Christian Trinity.

Apart from the “yes-word”, the mutual attachment of the wedding rings is the most important act in a marriage.The round form symbolizes a love that does not stop, similar to the fingering of the finger, which also has no end.Since the 13th century we have the ceremonial of the Ringtausch at a church wedding.The festive ritual is, of course, also applied to a purely regular marriage.The wedding rings accompany the couple for many years, which is why they need careful selection.The design of the rings should naturally suit both partners.In the case of different flavors, the purchase of the wedding rings may represent the first trial in finding and finding a compromise for the couple.

The material of the wedding rings

The preferred material for the wedding rings depends primarily on the available budget.Gold is still one of the preferred precious metals.With the addition of other materials, the color variations for white, red and yellow gold are achieved, which allows for interesting color combinations.The figures given for the gold show the proportion of gold used.333/- (8kt) Gold, which consists of 33% of Feingold, is less used for wedding rings because it is relatively brittle.As a better choice, which we also favor, 585/- (14kt) gold is shown.

In this alloy you have a high quality ring since 58.5% Feingold is included.This is only to be surpassed with a 750/- (18kt), since there 75% Feingold are processed;but with the Feingold portion also the softness of the material increases, which in turn can cause scratches and quiver more quickly.Often, platinum or palladium is also used in wedding rings because these metals are more robust than gold.However, these metals are not indestructible as is often propagated.It only takes a little longer to show scratches and quirks.However, you will receive exactly the same information directly from us and personally from us, which you consult with us in the house, in order to make no wrong decision.

Shape and surface

So that the wedding rings not only on the wedding day, but they should fit perfectly.Everyday life is an important aspect, so that the ring does not have to be taken from the finger on countless occasions.However, we recommend to put the rings in heavy work or sport in order to enjoy them for a long time.Whichever hand feels best, everyone has to decide for themselves.Whether a matte or glossy finish is preferred is subject to the taste of the bride and groom.However, it must always be ensured that rings can be reprocessed if possible.We offer this processing to our customers free of charge as soon as it is a purely polished or matt surface.The variety of models in the trauring sector is almost limitless.However, trends can change quickly, which is why perhaps a timeless design of the wedding rings is more suitable.All wedding rings will be provided with a free engraving, engraving the name of the partner and the wedding date on the inside pages.

We distinguish ourselves through competent advice and the comparatively low price for our wedding rings. Thus, we are the contact number 1 for everything concerning the subject of marriage or marriage, but also of engagement and friendship. See for yourself.

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