Wedding Ring Design

After the vows, before the Kiss: The love is you selected with much devotion wedding ring on his finger. A moment for the ages. The heart of your ceremony, which itself will be again later in photo albums, picture frames, and above all in the top 3 of your most beautiful memories.

It doesn’t matter whether the rings right out of the box, out of the pocket of your groom or surrounded by handmade therefore come: the palpitation of the heart remains the same. It would be not your wedding but yes, if you do not at least so lovingly equips this moment and staged as everything else also. Here at you can get more different models and styles.

That is why we have chosen this unique, hand-stitched ring pillow by biine wedding for you. The maritime model “Pattinson” and the fluffy “Winterlove” did’s especially us. Best of all: You can win the two jewels!

Tell us which of these two ring pillows would fit perfectly to your wedding in a comment under this post and why (or to your sister, friend, sister-in-law in spe…).

Until Tuesday, the 4th November 2014, 18: 00, you can do this with. The terms and conditions can be found here.

Of course, you can let wedding buy the pillow with Ellen in the Shop or you make one according to your individual requirements. Designed with your wedding date, your name, or due to your personal motto.

Do you have an idea for your ring-moment?