Wedding Plan with Checklist, Tips and Guidebook

The wedding is for the bride and groom and many wedding guests one of the most beautiful days in life, a day at which everything should be perfect. With a good planning from A to Z, the wedding becomes a success. Planning should start no later than 6 months before the wedding ceremony.In essence, wedding planning already begins with the application.This guide is to lead with some tips through the wedding planning, of important questions, who is invited, how the wedding dress should be and details of what to eat and how the table decoration should be.The wedding planner can be used as a checklist – to make your wedding a festive occasion.

The Trautermin

First the trautermin must be adjusted. Each couple has certain ideas about when he wants to marry. On the day of the first day, perhaps? Rather in the summer when it is really nice, or in the spring? Important guests such as Brauteltern or Maubut must necessarily have time on the day and are therefore to be involved in the planning. The church also has to be free on the chosen day.

registry office

The registry office can usually be reserved at the earliest six months before the desired date. To sign up, the fiancés need the birth certificates, a person’s ID card and the residence certificate of the main residence, to which you can register.The wedding ceremony in Germany does not require any maidens.In many other countries the wedding ceremony requires two marriages.As a rule, the wedding ceremony takes place before the church.

The church wedding ceremony

There is no fixed time frame for church wedding planning. However, some clergymen expect a seminar for marriage to be held before the ceremony, and the dates are limited. According to Roman Catholic understanding, the church marriage represents the foundation of the covenant of marriage, whereby the marriage between baptized Christians is regarded as a sacrament. According to the understanding prevalent in the evangelical churches of the German-speaking world, only a marriage which has already been concluded by marriage is blessed. In any case, the church marriage means a substantial part of the wedding celebration and requires from the trauma to the flower decoration of the exact planning.

The location of the wedding party

If the day is now fixed, and the bureaucratic part of the wedding is finished, the wedding planning continues with the feast after the wedding ceremony. Here, the bridal couple is spoiled for choice. Celebrations can be known everywhere – at home, outdoors, in a restaurant, in a mine or in the disco. If the couple is sure of where to celebrate, it should be as soon as possible to make a reservation . Even if the exact number of guests has not yet been fixed, the hall can be reserved. For the consultation of the menu, the decoration and extras, like stage or fireworks, is still time until about a month before the wedding.In many restaurants it is also possible to order the catering for a different catering or party service .Buffets are particularly popular with large wedding companies.Look for a suitable catering service under the classifieds.

Schedule and cost plan

Wedding parcs also once briefly leave the pink sky and in addition to the schedule together, at least a rough, cost plan. This should include cost for the church and the church, for the desired location, wedding dress, musician, menu, decoration, photographer, eventual overnight expenses for guests, etc. Even if at many points at this time is not yet established, which in actual costs on the bride and groom, so you can at least at least set the framework. And check the possibilities of financing, because the Brauteltern may give something to it.The bride and groom should also be able to take part in the rather extensive wedding planning of friends and relatives.We are looking forward to assisting you in the planning of the gifts, for example, or as a supporting program during the celebration.

Wedding invitations

If the time frame of the ceremony is established, the checkout list should be created. If details such as times and locations are not yet defined, first invitations can also be sent as a save-the-date, so that guests can leave the appointment at an early stage. So that the guests can take their time and the celebration does not cross the year’s holiday, it is worthwhile to invite about half a year before the wedding. Postponed postcards to the reply or an e-mail address make it easier for the invited person to confirm or cancel the arrival.

Wedding Gifts

When the wedding day comes closer, guests will have time to think about the suitable gift. Here it is the taste of the couple to meet. But what will be given to the future marriages if there is no wedding table to choose the right gift? Important in the choice of the gift is to clarify, in which relationship one stands to the bridal couple.If you are closely related to each other, the gift may be something more special.This also applies to the congratulations on the wedding.We have put together a few original ideas for you in our gifts for wedding as well as congratulations for the wedding .

Bridal gown and bridesmaids for the bride

The bride should choose an appropriate wedding dress at an early age. Many shops for bridal wear consist of an appointment for the fitting of the dresses. If the desired dress should be ordered in a different size, the delivery often takes half a year. After this, more time has to be planned for the exact adjustment. Therefore the bride should really look for a dress in time. Used to buy a bridal dress always the most favorable – to this many wedding dresses are available . Also it is worth to sell a wedding dress after the wedding a free classified ad.Read more in wedding dress buy – guidebook .Used to buy a wedding dress always cheapest.Matching the bridal gown, you can also choose a braid – read more in the Brackle .Many vendors also allow wedding dresses, veils and buggies to be borrowed.

Suit for the groom

Also an exclusive suit for the groom increases the festivity of the wedding day. Since this suit is usually worn only once, it is reasonable to borrow this or buy it.Local offers for the groom, from the fashionable designer suit in Hamburg over men’s suits in Munich to the noble tail in Berlin, there are under the wedding dresses classified ads .

Jewelry and flowers

As accessories to the wedding dress, flowers and jewelery can not be missing. Read more about buying jewelery in the guidebook. The choice of flowers is also an essential part of wedding planning. Decorate with flowers the wedding day. Choose a floral decoration for the church, the wedding car, the festival hall and, of course, the bridal bouquet. The best way to order the wedding flowers is by florist a few weeks before.

Wedding Cars

An elegant wedding car will make your wedding day unforgettable.You can find many oldtimers or noble cars, which you can rent for the journey to the wedding ceremony, church and wedding festival.

A test drive with the oldtimer should be undertaken beforehand for safety. The car should also be selected to match the wedding dress.For a wide dress, the bride should be able to enter and leave the car without problems.

Also check out the best way to attach your flowers to the car rental.

Improper attachment of the flower jewelery can lead to damage in the lacquer and cause additional costs.

Wedding music and DJ

For the celebration to be truly a success, a musical framework is required. A vocalist who makes the right sound, and a DJ, who accompanies the evening with a good music, reaches the desired climax. Reputable bands or DJs can be visited at an event before the wedding, and watch them at work.DJs and bands can be found through current classifieds for musicians .Read more about choosing a discjockey in the DJ Guide.If you want to book a band for your wedding party, read more in the Music Guide.

Photographer for the wedding photos

A professional photographer will document your wedding with many photos. Videos can also be created. Tip:Plan with the photographer before the wedding a photo date, of course in the wedding dress and the groom in the suit, so you can create these photos in a studio quite relaxed. Addresses can be found through many classified ads for photographers . Read more about the wedding photography in the wedding photographer’s guide . Tip: On the wedding day, provide one-way cameras for the guests, with the development of the photos for the guests. This creates a detailed photo album that documents the most beautiful day.

With honeymoon in the honeymoon

After the wedding follow the honeymoon. Plan a honeymoon at an early stage before the wedding so you do not have to book Lastminute among the many offers. Plan something very special for your trip, so that you as a freshly married couple experience something exceptional. For your personal honeymoon, many exclusive wedding hotels and exotic destinations await your visit. In particular, wellness, experience and relaxation should be on the agenda, which make your honeymoon unforgettable. Read more about the travel advice guide and plan your honeymoon individually.