Wedding Party: 6 Things You Can’t Miss

When you’re planning the wedding party the couple feel a tremendous anxiety, there’s a natural concern for all is well decorated.

The wedding party it’s a big milestone, as it is the symbolism of an act realized that denotes love, care and delivery.

The bride and groom can be somewhat undecided and confused as to what to put in your party, so from now on we will give some tips that can not miss no way in your wedding party.

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Flowers to decorate

The flowers are the greatest symbolism of romantic representation . There’s no environment that gets ugly, if there are beautiful arrangements of flowers and roses, you can pick up arrangements .

The flowers should be at the tables within short vessels and at strategic points of the Salon, where they are easily located.

The flowers of colors most classic white already the colorful are most modern. The Blue and purple roses give a special touch in decorating!

Comfort and beauty

A good wedding party need to have comfort and beauty, pay attention to the quality utensils such as cups, cutlery, plates, napkins and towels.

Make sure there’s nothing stained and if the material of the parts are chic and beautiful. You don’t want to find stains of wine or food in the tissues.


Search for a professional agency qualified and well trained, you certainly won’t want to bother with waiters clumsy, soiling and tearing down everything. There are good companies with these professionals, possessing a more popular budget.

Music and dance

A party without music, is not party! Search for professionals in the area of sound and lighting, some people hire musicians, others hire DJs, relies heavily on the profile of the bride and groom.

Remember that each guest has a musical style different and merge the rhythms makes everyone feel good in your wedding.

Filming and photography

You want a wonderful party and you can’t forget filming and photographing each time, to later serve as a beautiful reminder that day!

Look for professionals who can commit to you on the day of party preferably to stay until the end of the wedding not to pass any special moment!

The Waltz …

Before the guests start dancing, there needs to be the moment of Waltz the couple, as a celebration of the Union of love, this is a occasion only the two and brings a lot of beauty and emotion …

These are just the tips 6 which must have a wedding regardless of the amount of guests, the couple’s style and the value of the party, don’t forget these details. Good wedding party for you, happiness, and love.