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In addition to the interviews with Plus Size Brides (so far: Linda and Annika – and there are still some great weddings and dresses!) I would like to start another bridal series, which concentrates on great Do-It-Yourself ideas for the wedding.My first DIY bride, the dear Nina of Vervliest and sewn , I know thanks to her many great sewing projects, which she always synonymous with DIY your Closet links.For her wedding, she designed many great things herself and made the celebration a more personal event.Come on, Nina, you have so much to show!

<strong>When did you marry?</strong>On the 9th of April, 16 and in the church on the 16th of April.As a mathematician, I liked the data that all squares are – a nice coincidence, because we wanted to celebrate anyway in spring.

<strong>Where did you celebrate?</strong>The wedding ceremony took place in the monastery church of St Agnes in Bühl, followed by a celebration at Windeck Castle in Bühl.We had about 45 guests in the evening, in the church and the sect reception it was a bit more than 100.

<strong>Who made all the beautiful pictures of you?</strong> We owe the great pictures to Stephan Presser , he is a super great guy and a great photographer. {Katha: I can only confirm! I was also at a wedding Stephan had photographed, and he is really great!}
<h2>Nina &amp; Niels</h2>
Niels and I are a little more than 7 years together, we met in the shared dormitory. He was in the fourth, I was in the second semester.
We knew at an early stage that we would fit together, but the application was only available when we had everything under the roof and subject, job-technically. It was very romantic, in June 2015 on the beach in Mallorca. Until he could persuade me to come to the beach, it took a bit, I did not want to get sand in my sandals, haha. But when I was in the sand and the Burlesque show in the hotel on the beach promenade made a break (who wants to have Lady Marmelade as background music) was the perfect moment

<strong>Your best tip for wedding planning?</strong> Enjoy the time of preparation! She passes so quickly and has so many great moments, lots of small celebrations. I like to think back to our tasting of cake and menu, where my parents have accompanied us selflessly. beck
Or the day we picked up our rings … So many nice memories!

<strong>The best investment?</strong>The best and (apart from the celebration itself) biggest investment was definitely our photographer Stephan.I love our pictures and am looking forward to show them to our children.A great fun factor was also our Photobooth, but luckily it has cost almost nothing because my daddy has built it for us.

<strong>The most beautiful moment during your wedding?</strong> Difficult. I think it was the ride to the church in our cute wedding car after we first saw each other in the wedding outfit. A little moment for us. And the overwhelming sight of the many people in the church. That’s where the tears came.

<strong>Would you do something different today?</strong> <strong>Why?</strong>I would definitely like to have more vacation after the wedding.Since our honeymoon is only in September, we have only released a few days before and the Monday after the wedding.This was rather unfavorable, as we were both quite flat, not only from the celebration to the morning, but also through the tension, which was always unconscious in the weeks before.

<strong>Your absolute favorite picture of your day?</strong>There are lots of great pictures, but I like the rain picture, which was shot just before midnight.We were really lucky with the weather: it was quite cold, but if it was not raining (at the sect reception) it stopped when we needed rain, it has poured, as in this picture here:
<strong>Why did you decide to do a lot for your wedding?</strong> I’ve never really dreamed of a great elaborate wedding, but when I started after the application a bit to think about how everything could look, pimped on Pinterest and my father suggested me a couple of great wedding photographers, it began with me And I suddenly had so many ideas. I liked the rustic wedding theme and I was totally fire and flame.
When we first ordered our invitations and Save the Dates on the Internet, I could not find a design that would fit us.And it was clear: so that I like 100 percent, I just have to do it myself.And fortunately, my treasure was just as motivated and together we made the super.

<strong>What is your favorite DIY that you have implemented for the wedding?</strong> This is a very difficult question, because now I can hardly decide. I’m really proud of my invitations and Save the Dates (for which you can download the template here) and my self-stitched Brauttasche.

<strong>What else did you do it yourself?</strong> <strong>Did someone help you?</strong>

Yes, we have done a lot more, not everything has found its way to the blog, we have even forgotten a lot during the festival, or not found in time in all the boxes and bags.Very well arrived are our mini-guest books with small questions in it.We laughed tears when we read them after the wedding and were super touched how much effort the guests have made themselves.The template for the booklets is also available on my blog.

I have also designed our church members’ books myself, since I have also made a real effort and put all the songs with notes with an online editor – yes, you can also exaggerate.

My dress I have not sewn myself (definite veto of the future, which was probably panic before drama), but the ring cushion . Like the Brauttasche I sewed it from fabric residues and spare beads from the dress.

Our table plan and the menu cards I find also super pretty. Apropos table: for our table I crochet a sweet bridal couple who marked our place.

Apart from that, there were still a few small baskets, like our wedding receptions and a few small guest gifts.

(Still) not on the blog have it our self-painted signs {meanwhile -&gt; here! } , The accessories for the Photobooth {meanwhile -&gt; here! } , The pennant chains, and the car loops. By the way, my brother helped us very dearly before the wedding, the rest we made ourselves. Since we live in Freiburg, but the celebration took place in Bühl near my family (about 1 car trip), we did almost everything alone!

<strong>Have you cursed between times?</strong> Cursed not, it has really mega fun done to prepare everything. Only in between, I panic times, whether we can make anything. Especially when my printer has temporarily strung and we have found out that our cards can not be printed in the copyshop. Here at Gradphysics you can get more different models and styles.
We have already invested a lot of time in the DIYs, we also like to appreciate how long it takes. There were certainly more than a few weekends and long evenings. We actually started very soon, because the Save the Dates we have already sent 9 months before. Then there was a bit of break and the hot phase came a few months before the wedding. Many things we could not do much earlier, because information such as final list, menu or church course had not yet determined.
I am still very happy that we have made and designed so much, but it was a lot of work, but it is so much fun to build everything up and put the celebration on its own stamp.

The wedding pictures in this entry are from Stephan Presser (There you will also find the complete gallery ).

More of Nina is available on her blog, Vervliest and Sewn ( here is the wedding category), as well as on Instagram , at Facebook and Pinterest. A thousand thanks for the many great ideas! ♥

You also want to show some of your wedding pictures, DIYs and tips on Then feel free to contact me!