Wedding Invitations, Details To Keep In Mind

How do we invite our wedding?

The invitations are the official confirmation to relatives and friends of the marriage liaison.

We define, date and place, that is, we contextualize the event and make participants who we most want the important step that we want to give. So you can not take it lightly … It is the first communication element of our wedding and therefore the first impression, the first opinion, the first emotion. With the invitation give ALL information(including level of elegance and mood) that you need to convey.

What data should appear?

The names of the contracting parties.
The names of the parents of the contracting parties.
The place, date and time of the ceremony.
Addresses and / or phones of both families.
The confirmation request for assistance.
In the same card or in another attached card, the place
And the hour of the feast.

In what order should the data appear?

The traditional protocol indicates that the parents of the bride and groom should be the heads of the invitation. Hence the names of the bride’s parents on the left, followed by the names of the groom’s parents on the right.
Just below you must indicate that they participate the marriage bond of their children, followed by the name of the couple (only the name). These should be on the same line.

Then they have the pleasure of inviting them to the religious ceremony to be celebrated next, indicating the date followed by Dm(meaning: God through), the time and place of the ceremony.Below this text the address of the reception and the time.

Finally the request for confirmation of attendance with the abbreviations SRC or RSVP (Please confirm attendance) will be placed in a centered way on the bottom of the card and on the left side address of the parents of the bride and number Phone number on the right side of the parents address of the groom and phone number.
We close the text of the invitation with the name of the city where the ceremony is held and the year, centered at the end of the invitation.

* If the place of the ceremony or celebration is complicated to arrive, it is convenient to include a plan with the instructions to do so.

Exceptions and Variants

We want to be the own bride and groom who say the invitation: What would correspond in this case is that the name of the bride should be first since she is still single. .
The bride and groom decide not to put the names of the parents in the wedding invitations via, so that only theirs will appear and then the rest of the data in the order indicated above.

Invitation: There are many designs, papers, envelopes, to create an invitation that tells the story of the celebration. The way to choose it is knowing how your wedding will be. If the wedding is more elegant, the more sober the quality of paper should be better. If it is more creative, informal, you can take flight with designs, textures, ties, color, fonts, etc … There are many options, but here the important thing is that OS represent.

When to deliver them?

It is suggested that it be between 6 and 8 weeks prior to the event. If the mailing is by mail, it is advisable to consider 2 or even 3 more weeks, so that they arrive at their destination on time.

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