Wedding Guests

At a wedding, 60 to 120 wedding guests are usually invited. How many guests are ultimately dependent on the size of the relationship and the circle of friends.Invited is whoever means something to the bride and groom. No one can be left out. Many couples want a very big celebration. With all the many guests there are however a few very special guests. This is what our present guidebook is about.

Special Wedding Guests: The Parents

The parents of the bride and groom are of course the most important guests at every wedding. For no one else does a wedding as much as for their own parents.They are now finally mother-in-law. When the daughter or son get married, this is also a whole new chapter for the parents. Now the child has grown up and is on his own. It now has its own family. It is clear that the parents look at the wedding day with a weeping and a laughing eye. Therefore, these wedding guests enjoy special privileges:

Parents Can Be The Wedding Guests:

Parents of bride and groom sit with the bridal couple at the same table.

The first dance, after the bridal couple danced the wedding dance, dance groom with bride mother and bride with bridal father.After this, the maids of honor are the order of the day, which also belong to the special wedding guests. Here at you can get more different models and styles.

Parents attract themselves even more than the other wedding guests do.

The Maids-Also Very Special Wedding Guests

The marriages play a very important role in the life of the bride and groom. Most of the time the bride chooses her best friend and the bridegroom chooses his best friend. The marriages are not only special wedding guests, they also have special tasks. This begins with entrusting the wedding ceremony to the wedding ceremony. You will then hand them over to the clerk. As a rule, the wedding ceremonies organize the wedding program and are the contact person for all guests. Of course, the maids also have a place of honor at the bride’s table.