Wedding Dresses

“A styled shoot the superlative”? Well, now exaggerates the good wife but… Admitted: long I was thinking about whether I should really choose this headline, I’m not lastly by the Bild-Zeitung. It applies in this case but ultimately easy. Because the project of Munich-based wedding planner Sonja Neubert of Trust work is extraordinary in every way: Bavarian Bohohas called its concept.

For your color scheme, the two Pantone color of the year 2016 served as Base: Rose Quartz and serenity, so pink and light blue. The result: A wealth of inspiration, looks for their peers. Did I mention the superlative?

It’s not a real marriage, but a staged concept, which is intended to provide ideas for making your own wedding couples like you. That’s why you’ll find on the following images by photographer Radmila guy: a concept, two pairs, three bridal bouquets, four wedding dresses, four groom outfits, five styling options and six combinations of all ideas. On top of that, you can see a complete party menu, two enchanting flower garlands, a sweet table to the weak will and a cake, which you so probably haven’t seen.

Because all but is a bit much for a single article, I show you the entire shoot in two parts. It starts with bridal gowns, the bridal bouquets and the styling.

“I wanted the couples simply show that Bavarian not just blue white squared is”, says Planner Sonja weddingfactory, which has designed the overall concept. “Why not just with his mega bouquets and natural hairstyles with a traditional bride Dirndl combine the boho trend?” Yes, why not? According to the motto that the entire team was pursuing the two shooting days: Bavarian boho-don’t think outside the box, get rid of the box! In other words: Let not any trends affect you, but make your wedding exactly as you you wish they. Here at Usprivateschoolsfinder you can get more different models and styles.

Tip on the edge: this article is full of terms like boho, vintage and retro. If you now put your forehead in folds, then look yet again in this article over.

The Wedding Dresses-Boho, Vintage And Costume

At a real wedding brides and thus the wedding dresses at the Centre are also at this shoot.Four different models have worn the models, each with different hairstyles, bridal bouquets and combined groom outfits. The dirndl are pieces by designer Tali AMOO, the wedding dress with flowing skirt can be found in The White Dress Company in Munich, the second is a private dress.

The Groom-Tracht, Lederhosen And Retro Blazers

So different wedding dresses, so variable are the outfits of the grooms: the two men wore each one a classic costume outfit with green vest, Haferlschuhen and leather pants and suits for the other classical: the bright summer variant on the Blue Classic up to the checkered retro look. A first small impression:

The Bridal Bouquets-From Small To Thinking Big

Match the color theme Maria Irlbeck designed three bouquets – to my personal delight with buttercups, to the delight of all those who are looking for something extraordinary, with orchids (in the medium and large bouquet) of the flourishing Atelier .

Boho Meets Bavarian Costume-Bride And Groom In Action

Hold please, because here comes the grand finale: all clothes, styling and bouquets, I’ve shown you above that, let combine himself with each other according to your mood.Photographer’s team has six variants Radmila guy and wedding planner Sonja Neubert . The results are so different as charming, all but unites the concept of Bavarian Boho with his focus on dress, boho, light blue and light pink. My Favorites are the variants 1 and 4.

I promised a shoot of superlatives-too much? In the second part you see in a few days, what table decorations, stationery, sweet table and location to a wedding in the Bavarian peasant-style fit. Once before, you can consider how you would do that. Because in a sense this shoots is the sense and purpose of the exercise Yes: let do not crazy opinions, trends and styles, but to celebrate, how you want it.