Wedding Dress Trend 2016

Baroque meets 1950s ballroom glamour – 2016 wedding dress collections. A touch of sexiness with curvy details that highlight the ultra-feminine silhouette, combined with an innocent chastity in high-cut necklines and fine transparent lace sleeves.

What is the trend in 2016?

Bridal fashion overall trends in 2016 are great ballroom dancing dresses mixed with a little more edge from earlier eras. This has resulted in a wonderfully varied 2016 collection with the main theme “Baroque and roll”. The result is vast expanses on lower parts and a clearly highlight of the feminine figure, curves can also be seen. The back is made centrally in focus with nice transparent effects in lace and tulle, pretty buttons and beautiful skirts with baroque grandeur at the rear of the future. Mermaid-look has been given a sophisticated come-back with high carved tops and beautiful topside cuts and lots of tulle-ruff at the bottom.

Accessories – hot or not?

HOT! The right shoes, handbags, hair accessories and jewelry are all accessories, each or collectively to make the general appearance perfect. A shaded look with few and well chosen accessories, with small curly or a single hair comb and a beautiful veil, or a wild glamour look with lots of glitter in grandiose jewelry and tiara – it is only your imagination that sets the limits!

Accessories – what are the “must have” in 2016?

According to the definitions in, it is important that the bride style her look down to the smallest detail, and here the accessories are an absolute must. In 2016 the belt is one of the finest accessories. It marks the waist and accentuates the hourglass-shape, which is the hottest trend in 2016. The belts are not only tone-in-tone but can also be selected using the temperament of a soft contrast as old pink or more marked with black or pink – select the one that best shows the bride’s personal style. Complete the look with the all time hottest bridal accessory: blurred – beautiful, romantic and doomed to produce touched tears with anyone who sees the bride to arrive.

How long before the upcoming wedding that you are recommend looking at the dress?

For the first time no later than six months before your wedding – of course you can also come two months before, but with six months, there is plenty of time to try on the dress and have made any adjustments. So there is plenty of time for one last test, and you can hang the dress safely and well at home in the closet about a month before the wedding. It provides air and quiet to concentrate on all the other details that can only be dealt with shortly before the wedding.

What is this year’s collection inspired by?

Each collection has its own history and style, and that is why wedding dresses are created in various collections and in different styles.


Absolute must have in 2016 is lace and tulle with 1950s style. That is why the collection inspired by the glamorous 1950s with their high, tight-fitting waist and big skirts. In spite of greatness and volume adds tulle and fine lace all creations an aura of lightness and freshness. Passions-the collection is the most exclusive and experimental collection here. It is magnificent, airy dresses in soft materials. They are light, lovely to wear and ultra romantic.



Collection PURE WHITE is inspired by the recent years of many royal weddings – the flowers white color in bridal dresses are ultra romantic and winter weddings in particular adds a perfect look. Pure white is for the bride, who would like to get married as a real princess. There are both big dresses and simple empire dresses, made in soft georgette or soft tulle with lace appliqué that falls softly on the body. Combine the dresses with their lace jackets, one gets a more covered look, there are also more in the mood for a winter break.

Diamonds – small and exclusive dresses

The fourth and latest collection here is diamonds collection – small fix dresses in lightweight materials, which are ideal for the stylish city hall wedding or romantic beach wedding. The feminine, cream-colored dresses give a fresh touch to bridal fashion with the new popular dress lengths.


Lace and tulle combined with classic satin and taffeta. Mix and match with belts and lace tops, so the bride has the option to style her own look. Elaborate draping that cling on the feminine lines, and the sophisticated mermaid look that gives the silhouette-shape with gauge that goes out from the middle of the leg.


Belts with embroidery

Lots of blonde & tulle


Classic corsage: straight or with heart shape.

V-neckline: showing the bust nice without being too deep and at the same time allows hiding bra straps under the dress.

Shawl collar: A princess Victoria – a classic and timeless carving that cover the shoulders.

Single shoulder strap: an absolute Hollywood look that is as high as in the past.



Prom dresses: high waist with great width in the skirt.

Mermaid dresses: figure-sewn dresses that have a nice range just above the knee.

Empire dresses: beautiful dresses that fit snugly over the bust and the skirt falls softly down from here.

Sheath-dresses: classic dresses with skirts in A-shape, typically with a draped design.



Sex the city with romantic and sexy short dresses in light materials. Perfect for city-wedding, city hall wedding – or if you jump out of a beach wedding in Tahiti.


Flowers white pearls. The white color is the epitome of the symbol of the beautiful, innocent bride and is this year’s absolute “it” color.


Exclusive, big dresses with vintage-look. The exclusive PASSION-dresses are sewn up only in limited numbers. 2016 offers magnificent dresses in the airy, soft materials.