Wedding Dress of the Week

A dream of silk and chiffon: The ravishing wedding dress of the week ‘ Frida ‘ inspires with its many delicate, transparent layers of fabric in a romantic style. The upper part of the dress is pleated and through the flowing, floor-length fabric one is convinced that it is constantly in motion. But not only the fine silk and the overlay of chiffon, the delicate pink also contribute to the enchanting effect and give the wearer a feeling of airy lightness. Particularly striking is the fashionable back section, which gives the playful dress elegance and makes it something very special.

Behind the gorgeous bridal gown is Monique Sandoval, who designs Ouma dresses for her label. Her models are intended to be fun to wear, Monique describes her intention in designing:

Dresses which are comfortable yet fun to wear.

The label Ouma was founded 2004 in Phoenix, Arizona and meanwhile the designer has also opened her own business with the beautiful name Cleo & Clementine there.

All dresses by her are handmade and their customers always have the opportunity to introduce their own ideas for change. In addition to wedding dresses, there are also other failed dresses to admire for any occasion.

So, be sure to check out the label’s Etsy shop and let the romantic dresses enchant you like me!

Dress: Ouma | Photos: Galaxy Andrews