Wedding Dress of the Week, Vintage by the Barefaced Bride

We love vintage! We can’t hide that anymore… and our wedding dress of the week is no exception! The long, two-layered skirt of flowing satin and a layer of light, transparent fabric is adorned with dainty dots. These polka dots also adorn the airy jacket that belongs to the dress. Drawn over the delicate top with the neckline framed by a hint of fine lace, it completes the fairytale look.

The founder of the Australian second-hand bride modengeschäfts The Barefaced bride, Melanie Bowman, stood after her own wedding before deciding to put her beloved wedding gown either in the closet or to pass it on to the next bride who Would appreciate just as much as you do. In doing so, she noticed the lack of dealers specializing in second-hand wedding dresses, and so the idea for the Barefaced bride was born. This lovely dress is not simply designed in vintage style, but is a real vintage piece from the assortment of the Barefaced bride. Here at you can get more information of the wedding dresses. In Sydney they sell vintage dresses from long past year decades, current dreamlike secondhand designer wedding dresses at a good price.

I didn’t want my gown to face the same sad fate as so many other wedding dresses–throwing in a box never to be seen again!

Since then, brides at the Barefaced bride have been able to find their perfect wedding gown among the numerous, already tried-and-tested designer pieces, at a fraction of the original price. Or they sell their own bridal gown to make the next bride happy. I am enthusiastic about this concept. Finally, all the beautiful wedding dresses are no longer in the closet!

The vintage series, which also comes from our enchanting bridal gown of the week, sells Melanie Bowman also through her Etsy shop. What do you girls think? Would you marry in a wedding dress where a bride has said “Yes!”?

Bridal gown: The Barefaced Bride