Wedding Cake Toppers For Wedding Cake

For the big day, all women want that everything goes as planned. After all, it’s one day more than special. For this, they calculate and plan everything in the minutest detail. This would be no different with the bride and groom to cake of marriage.

Many people still in doubt: how will the bride and groom? What to choose? If you are about to enter the altar and still can’t make up your mind, let’s give some tips so you end up with the question time.

Tips: wedding cake toppers for wedding cake

1-first of all, it is very important that the couple identify with the bride and groom the cake , be they style doll, humanized or movie characters. The two are in accordance and to customize the way you think is best.

2-the choice need not necessarily be based in the likes of you, it can include such things as: professions, events, lifestyle and/or clothing, the story of you (how you met, how was the courtship, engagement, etc).

3-The wedding cake toppers for cake of marriage podem be made of cold porcelain, wood, fabric, paper dishes, the important thing is to use durable materials, mainly because after the big day, they can become decorative pieces of the House of you .

4-the bride and groom must conform to the style of cake, that need to be in tune. Tip: If your cake is traditional, with flowers on top, you can put the bride and groom sitting on the edge of the cake, is “show”.

5-there are other ways to honor the couple. They, for example, may choose to use the team’s clothes from the heart of the little bride and groom can be with credit cards, shopping bags, etc. Make the bride and groom are a reflection of you.

6 – to decorate the wedding cake toppersfor wedding cake, choose details that are not extremely exaggerateds, docan affect the harmonyof your decorationtherefore very careful!

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