Wedding and Wedding Party

Yesterday attended the wedding party in the exclusive wedding exhibition Royal Wedding, arranged the jewelry company. It was in Royal Copenhagen’s beautiful and enchanting rooms.

250 expectant couples were closed into a source of inspiration and dreams universe created by the finest and most exclusive suppliers within, in areas such as table settings, wedding dresses and outfits for the groom, cakes, flowers and wedding rings.

Lifestyle and social critic, Mads Christensen began with a bittersweet pep talk about marriage and project-oriented married lustful women (who often forget to listen to the men’s wishes).

In addition, you could get inspiration for a romantic wedding table, get the guidance of jewelry specialists and sample wedding rings from the collection, meeting the designer and see his masterful, exclusive wedding dresses, enjoy cake house wedding cake sand flower bouquets from flowers shed on, taste exclusive cognac, champagne and appetizers and get inspiration for the groom’s clothing.

All customers had also handed over a delicious goodie-bag. Wedding party had obviously sponsored magazines for the 250 guests, who all got a home in their goodie-bag.