Vintage Wedding Dresses

Upper Bavaria, Swabia, Bavaria, francs, Austria: all the same-it seems sometimes to go at least the rest of the Republic.

There are whole worlds alone between Oberbayern and Niederbayern! I was born in Munich and still have about as much idea as a snow goose from the rumination from Deggendorf. The more it was glad when I received a message from the Bavarian photographer Stefanie Danner . With her I have right now about getting married in Lower Bavaria-and embarrassing moments in the life of a wedding photographer. Stefanie is a pretty funny representative of their craft, which is certainly not boring couples as you can see Yes also not hard at the pictures of this beautiful reportage with wedding inspiration. The knot gave the pair in the Bavaria Kößlarn, the celebration took place on Austrian soil. So: Let enchant you the pictures and an interview with Stefanie!

Stefanie, you come from Bavaria, and have seen there many weddings. Is Bavaria not one Yes equal Bavaria – like celebrating because around Passau?

With us in Lower Bavaria, there are regionally very different customs and traditions. I like the area much because many different people in the tri-border region. People have an alternative tradition may. The delivery of gifts is celebrated properly in some regions from the Red Valley and the pair meets individually with each guest. In addition, it is common that the bride receives a bride money separately, which may use it solely for themselves. In the Vilstalerraum is often a Progroder.

A what?

A Progroder. Traditional large weddings, it controls the entire process, so in advance help in the planning and is responsible for the wedding day that everything runs without problems.Traditionally, he sings also a Gstanzl, i.e. a kind of Nice mocking song on the bride and groom. The whole text is usually only a few lines long and ensures good mood with his usually hilarious punch line. And then there is also the practice of “Going on” in the Bavarian Forest.

Sounds like “make it a”…

… well, not quite. A daredevil is a guest, which is not in the main part of the celebration there, but comes only after the feast. These are for example neighbors, who orally have been invited by the bride and groom come to dance and to celebrate. This saves costs on the one hand, and also lack of space because sometimes plays a role. The daredevil also at best a minor detail give the pair because they pay their drinks themselves normally.

On your site, you’re very humorous writing about yourself. Like you give a little insight into the funny pages of wedding photography? Hmm… There’s several stories, because I’m a small Klutz. There would be for example the story with my involuntary gig in the Church: the choir has a final song Oh happy day Sung. It was just fabulous! I was just in the rear of the nave and thought, nobody sees me. And so was dancing to the song. After that, I am normally gone and snuck back to the altar. When I arrived, the pastor started his closing speech and said by analogy: “that was a great song with a message, the joy in the life brings.”Your photographer has also implemented that and the song danced their way to you.”Everyone laughed, but it was very embarrassing, because Yes, I thought that I would have danced Unwatched. Here at Communitycollegesinusa you can get more different models and styles.

Sounds wonderfully unconventional. If you want to marry yourself: your wedding is also somehow ‘different’? Yes! I’m nine years with my friend and him think in three years, that I would like an application. Yes even we knew how we would – make it with a slightly different daily routine: breakfast with the whole family, then champagne and hors d’oeuvres with the guests, then coffee and cake and then in the evening a free wedding ceremony on the Hohe MUT Alm Sölden in Tyrol. Then there was the wedding dance, a dinner party, and of course party.

How would you describe your style to work with couples? I’m always with my future couples for a consultation appointment. I want to know of the two, sitting opposite me, whatever hobbies or special preferences. I’m all about, to create a friendly relationship in advance. So I can estimate the day of the wedding on the basis of facial expression, whether the person is nervous, annoyed or well on it is, whether she is overwhelmed at the moment maybe photographs or feel uncomfortable in a pose. Sure I’ll then. The men are for example often pretty excited – but her nervousness subsides quickly when their girls in the arm may have or kiss.

Why weddings? Photographers have so many possibilities, but what keeps you at weddings, where does the enthusiasm? I like to work with different people and the claim that they make themselves and especially me. It is exciting to see how other couples deal with each other. In everyday life, there are seldom also the opportunity to gain insight into other crafts. At every wedding but I meet always new, about the art of cake baking or the floral, a dinner party or special clothes.

What a feast! Thank you to dear couples for the impressions of this dream wedding-and all the best and congratulations once again at this point!