Things You Need To Know Before Choosing Wedding Tones

As you surely already know, all wedding decoration should start with the choice of a style and a palette of colors. If you have defined both, your wedding will have a visual harmony that will delight your guests.

Although the choice of wedding colors depends on the taste and personality of the bride and groom, there are some factors to know. Take note!

Style Of The Place

Before choosing the color of your wedding, you need to know if this will be in an open space, such as a garden, the beach or a vineyard, or in one closed, such as a classroom or Museum.Also, it is advisable to know what are the colors of the place, and if you have vegetation, is. It is essential for you to know on what date you casarás to choose possible seasonal flowers.

Personal Preferences

What colors make you feel cheerful? What bring you good memories? Remember that a wedding color depends not only on what looks good, but also of the mood that you want to transmit.

Combination Of Colors

Choose a light or dark base and combines a 2 or 3 colors. Today day is no longer so common that the bridal bouquet and bridesmaids dresses is same as linens or seats of the wedding;Weddings are now more fun and different styles, by what you can play with combinationshaving in mind an overall harmony.

Station Of The Year

Spring weddings tend to be day, so clear and bright floral arrangements in shades such as Fuchsia, yellow, Orange, and lime green are recommended. The White is perfect at any time of the year, day or night.

Summer weddings tend to be warmer, and the pastel-colored or clear are divine. For example: Mint green, pale pink, lilac, mail, or white.

Weddings that are held in autumn tend to happen afternoon or night indoors. Are perfect for more intense colors, like coffee, ochre, mustard, olive green, gold, purple, etc.

Finally, for winter weddings recommended colors are intense, Red Red burned, purple, silver, electric blue, King Blue and white.

Green Here, There…

Whatever color you choose for your wedding, don’t forget the foliage for your arrays. There are a variety of shades of amazing green that will give life to your wedding decor.