The Website Which Accompanies You In Your Wedding Planning

Organizing a wedding is a real challenge: involves choosing a date, thinking about a concept, visiting a place after another, call dozens of suppliers, make quotes, create guest lists… is a titanic work! Fortunately, today we can use digital tools to make a much easier task of planning our wedding.

Modern brides will give us the reason: nothing is more comforting to be able to do it all (or almost all) in one place. In Mexico, there are several options that allow you to organize much of a wedding at home, reducing considerably the planning times and wear. One of them is the website: FINDJOBDESCRIPTIONS.COM, an international platform for wedding planning, busy but not for that reason less interested that your wedding goes on perfectly. It doesn’t sound too bad. Want to know what it is? Keep reading.

A Custom Web Site

You can say ‘goodbye’ to the expensive Save the Dates printed: today are custom web pages, a great way to keep abreast of your wedding guests (learn more about them here). These online sites allow sharing the date once you’ve defined it, receive confirmations of guests, warn changes, information on hotels close to the venue and share data on the table of gifts, among many other things. In case outside little, allow guests to share their own photos and wedding videos.

It provides this service free of charge. The bride and groom can personalize your site’s wedding with different themes and colors, in addition to including videos, photos and even a weather report (will not want to rain to grasp them unawares, right?). Also, the page has useful tools, for example, to create wedding cards and distribute to the guests at the tables. For the bride and groom more retailers there is a premium that allows you to add options security, a custom domain or an animated introduction.

Table Of Gifts In A Single Click

A quilt, a blender or a television were missed gifts for the newlyweds of several years ago.However, nowadays couples prefer to receive other types of gifts.

It offers an alternative to traditional gifts, tables that receive donations from guests and choose freely what you want to invest the money. A dinner in a restaurant of luxury, a ticket to Paris or a dinner in the Caribbean Sea? The decision is completely yours. Learn more about this option here.

With this platform, the bride and groom can choose between receiving cash, make donations to any NGO or raise money for an unforgettable experience on their honeymoon. Or, well, what happens is you. The best part: they will receive 100 per cent of the amount raised in his own bank account. There is no doubt: the appliances are a thing of the past.

Provider Directory

Forget about wasting your valuable time looking for suppliers here and there. It has a wide database with thousands of recommended and reliable suppliers: caterers, florists, shops of dresses, wedding planners, photographers, jewelry boutiques, makeup artists, places for the wedding… the great advantage? Each provider is described by its users, so you can know the opinions of real brides like you who evaluated the quality of the service, price and professionalism. One reason less to worry about!

Now know: with the appropriate digital platform, you can plan your wedding without echarte over kilos of stress. Enter this League and register to begin this adventure today itself!