The Various Wedding Themes

Every marriage must have a concept. It may not necessarily be thematic, but it must have an idea that structures the bride and groom’s choices.

This structural concept is the theme of marriage. It is not easy to decide which is the ideal theme for the ceremony and for the wedding reception. There are many details implicit in the choice.

Know 8 essential tips on choosing the theme of your wedding and know some details to consider in your decision.

Couple’s Style

Of course, both grooms have different personalities and preferences. However, consensus needs to be reached. The good news is that what makes them be a couple is probably a style in common – which makes things easier. If the couple is more traditional or religious, a celebration with all the pomp and glory that the occasion demands may be the right decision.

If the couple is young and funky and does not care much for the conventions, an indie wedding or vintage rock can be themed interesting. It is important that the taste of both be considered in this decision.


Budgeting is a very important thing to consider when choosing the wedding theme. If the money is short, it is not necessary to hold a wedding for 800 people in the most requested church in the country. A short budget never stopped someone from realizing the dream of getting married.

It’s all a matter of common sense: if the marriage of your dreams goes beyond your budget, adapt it to your reality. The market in this sector today has thousands of quality options for you to choose the theme you have always wanted and have a fabulous party.

Some themes even have a low budget, such as Hawaiian themed, farm or country wedding, indie theme , among others.

Time And Environment

If you do the civil or religious ceremony at the same reception location, you will probably save more. For example, if your wedding is late afternoon on the beach, such as a luau or Hawaiian wedding, the reception can be in the same space without the guests’ scrolling-it’s both practical and cheap.

In the case of a morning wedding outdoors, in a country club or farm, for example, the guests should stay for lunch and for the afternoon coffee. In this case, a tent, an on-site restaurant or an indoor area can accommodate them.

The available environment defines and much the type of wedding theme. A luau can only be at night. A winter wedding should be in a warm and pleasant place. If you decide to have an outdoor wedding, you should consider Plan B if it is raining.

Type Of Guests

Not all guests enter the theme of the party. If most of your guests are seniors, you may have friction in the perception of the vintage rock concept for example.

The Hawaiian wedding is fun and intimate, but the theme should be warned in advance so that they come dressed in character. The same goes for those who live far away and need to stay in town.

The simplest themes, without losing the glamor that the occasion demands, is still the best option for those who have very diverse guests and a budget to follow.

Available Time

The wedding date is already coming and you and your party have not yet chosen the theme of your party? The suggestion again is simplicity.

If you will not have time to prepare a wedding in the fairy tale or retro medieval theme, for example, which requires a great amount of preparation time and disposal of all suppliers, make a wedding in the same theme on a smaller scale or rethink your wedding for a more flexible and practical second option. Here at you can get more different models and styles.

Remember that a themed wedding often requires organization time and should be according to the dates of the venues and event organizers.

Old Dream

If you dream from a child to marry under a certain theme, believe, if possible, in this choice. There is nothing worse than the frustrated desire for a marriage that took place in a way that you did not want.

And even if your dream is expensive and budget short, you can always recreate the same theme with a little more game waistline and organization. And if there’s no time to accomplish everything the way you want, postpone the date.


A Hawaiian wedding in winter, even if it is in an enclosed space is strange and often unfeasible. Thus, as a winter wedding in the Brazilian summer with sculptures and ice in the sun the pin does not match at all.

In this case, either change the date or change the theme. And if you change, also review not just the decor, but the menu-each theme and every season has an appropriate suggestion of food and drink.

The same goes for wedding at night and by day. It is these details that can jeopardize your budget and the progress of the wedding.

Have Creative Ideas

There are many wedding themes in which you can perform yourself, simply and delicately, with little or no help, spending very little. A garden wedding, like those American marriages, requires little space, is stylish and is in the memory of the guests for being intimate and captivating.

The venue should accommodate all your guests. It is ideal to do the evening reception. The buffet will take more into account – and this way you can invest in quality and sophistication. A wooden platform can serve as a dance floor.

Decorative lights can be improvised, as well as a tent (on rainy days) and a gazebo, so that the guests can rest and have fun. A band, quartet, DJ or even electronic sound are options for an intimate wedding.

Always Search!

Research hard before deciding. Take into account all the information described above. Do not choose a trendy theme for lack of choice or just to surprise the people you want to invite. The choice of the theme of your wedding should be original and according to the personality of the couple.