The Hairstyle and Accessories for Your Wedding Day

We love the special tribute to Jezebel, talking about dresses, lingerie and everything that the girls worship to have on your wedding day. But it has happened to us one thing, and is that we have seen the wonderful job doing sweeping with perfumes that you must bring your wedding day, as you must bring the nail (French manicure, painted monochrome…), and even as you choose a good bridal bouquet. Realistically, I have to admit that the hairstyles call me much attention and thanks to my colleagues, who have served me great support and reference, we provided a small part of their hairstyles and accessories for brides and we have it Jezebel style.

By all it is known to be a dress, wedding or, it cannot be overshadowed by a hairstyle fatal. Why hair and embellishments are also key elements in “your special day” and they must create perfect harmony for you are divine from head to toe. From tiaras, headdresses, Rhinestones, or a discreet ornament and elegant. Anything goes. But, with what you get you?

You must think before choosing supplements the hairstyle that suits both your suit and your personal style, But if it’s as a base, I will tell you that the last thing we’ve seen on the catwalks of bride has been the return of monkey, in all its varieties as we show our colleagues from sweeping. Stripe on one side, back, monkey high, low monkeys… A wide range of possibilities to help you be the most special day of your life beautiful.

Once you have the hairstyle chosen will have to consider if you want to veil or not. In particular it is an option that I quite like, although not covering the face, because let’s be honest, Virgin marriage do not get (like to think). So, to us be be the elite or more classic films of Paco Martínez Soria, because not to show a bit of merchandise that groom see that which goes to the altar is you. Joking aside, the veils I think that they give off some aura of elegance and class, and more even if you bet by mantilla as it did Laura Ponte in her stunning wedding and dressed by the great Miguel Palacios.

Now Yes. You get to choose what you want to decorate your hairstyle. As you’ve said above there are plenty of options to choose, you should only go for one, and I understand that it is quite complicated. My Favorites are the floral details in a multitude of ways. From details attached to the head forming a Web of Spider with inlays of precious stones (image below), up to a light leaves in silver hanging from a hair wavy and loose, It was one of the excellent proposal from Pronovias.

If you’re even more daring, How would you like wear a turban? This headdress, incorporates as a turban, floral details falling into waterfall mode. It is amazing. But I think that that you must be as well as very pretty, very thin. Although this is very personal opinion.

Finally I propose a tiara, so that from that day you will be “the Queen of your House”. Although to my seem pretty NAFF, since you’re not a Princess, and much less a Queen do you have to take Crown? The case is that each must choose what suits your tastes, creating a wedding to his style and personality. Because in the end and after the, which House are you.