The First Song for Wedding Dance

As we know, music is a very important role in our lives. It is present in every moment… at the gym, at parties, in our happy moments, and even in the sad. We could say we all have our own soundtrack! That’s why on a day as important as your wedding, could not stay away.

The First Song for Wedding Dance

It is evident that music is important from the moment you enter the Church, but is even more in the later celebration, specifically in the much-anticipated first dance you’ll have with your spouse now.

And it is with regard to this point, saying many things about how to choose the right song. Everyone recommends their favorite song or made you a top 10 of the most popular for your first dance of marriage, but in any manifestation of art you want to choose, opinions are very subjective, it all depends on the Viewer, or in this case, of every bride. That’s advice that never fails is to choose a song that has a meaning very important and special for you and your boyfriend, that has marked a significant relationship… no matter if the song is a little out of the ordinary, if it is part of the famous ‘classics’, or even if it is very very very cheesy the point is that it has a great meaning or just to make you happy.

It could be that was playing in the place in which they met, some that you like both of them, perhaps one that you he has dedicated to you… so brides all that read ‘Marry me’ then I leave a list I made based on the songs most chosen by brides as well as personal tastes. I hope that any you like and they can choose it for their wedding day… If not, I’d know who think and are those who like you, perhaps we could create our own Top 10 project fashion.

1 Powerful Love – Chuck & Mack

2 Marry Me – Train

3 Your song – Elton John

4 The way you look tonight (any version is perfect)

5 a thousand years – Christina Perri & Steve Kazee

6 You and I – Lifehouse

7 more than a Woman – Bee Gees

8 All about loving you – Bon Jovi

9 You make it real – James Morrison

10 i Do – Westlife

11 i wanna grow old with you – Westlife

12 When I see your smile – John Waite

13 mine – Taylor Swift or the acoustic version of Naya Rivera who could love them.

14 All this time – OneRepublic

15 Bound to you – Christina Aguilera

16 creo en ti – Reik

17 a love so beautiful – Michael Bolton

18 Save the last dance for me – Michael Bublé

19 Aqui estoy yo – Luis Fonsi

20 She’s the one – Robbie Williams

21 i finally found someone – B. Streisand & B. Adams

22 don’t need – Marconi

23 Love you till the end – The Pogues

24 casarte Conmigo – Reyli

25 At Last – Etta James

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