Bridesmaid Dresses

Trends for Bridesmaid Dresses

Show me your Mumu! Huh? We also thought that when we first heard this label. How, Mumu? Is that nasty? But no, Muumuu is a word from Hawaii and is a casual, short dress. Perfect for a bridesmaid, the two inventors of the brand thought and now bring not only bridesmaid dresses collections on the […]

Wedding Party

How to Choose the Bridesmaid and Pajem of Your Wedding?

One thing that should not be missing in a wedding is the presence of the bridesmaid and page, they are the ones that give a special charm all the ceremony of your wedding.  The choice of bridesmaid and pageboy for marriage is difficult for many couples, especially when the family has many children, or when you want to […]

Bridesmaid Dresses

Ideas of Bridesmaids Dresses

Ideas to dress the bridesmaids of honor is very important so you highlight an image of beautiful and versatile, with which the procession of the bride is one of the greatest attractions of all marriage and which dresses should be a complement yours so the style is good with this event, especially if you have […]