Summer Wedding Outfits

Perhaps fared so well already you: because clicking inspiration searching through the net, take a look at hundreds of photos of weddings, and then there is this a couple who never lets one go.

This happened to me, when I saw the pictures of this wedding for the first time.Captured has Petra Kenneth Hamilton, one of the best photographers in the Munich area.With her, I had made my pictures in the spring, to me a little closer to imagine. The photos of the wedding of this couple anyway, are a prime example of the obviously perfect chemistry between photographer and bride and groom for me. Because so loose and so sweeping laugh with the fewest pairs in front of the camera. The joy of the two is simply contagious.And then held the wedding in one of the most beautiful locations in Swabia, the bride wore a lace dress in the vintage style and… Oh… you already know, I’m thorough in love in this report…

Wedding and celebration were held in the same place, namely in Klosten cutting near Augsburg. On two situations I want to make you special attention: there is the moment in which the bride and groom see for the first time in full wedding regalia. In this case the bridegroom in the garden waiting for his bride. Tip Petra Hennemann: find a place in the open and let something away here captured the scene to your photographer.

Enjoy The Moment!

So you have the moment for you – otherwise, as is possible in closed rooms. You could also go you meet on a dirt road, or the bride is already in the garden and expects her future husband. No matter how: must be in the gut. Why this is so important, that first moment?Because he is one of the most emotional and probably the only one on the entire wedding day will be where you are and not surrounded by a bevy of observant guests among you. OK, apart from the photographer who captures the scene of the ambush.

My second favorite moment: The Dove theatre. The facial expression of the two is just so wonderfully honest, amused disbelief and quite skeptical. My advice to all witnesses, brothers and sisters and friends: Even if the release of pigeons is a beautiful tradition-it pets. And if animals get worked up, happens sometimes, well, you know what. In this case everything went well, however, mean clear recommendation: Dear log sawing, if I have already a tradition. Chips in a wedding dress are olfactory but somehow more pleasing than as a fresh dollop of pigeon.

But now enough written and curtain for this dazzling display of inspiration, warmth and joie de vivre – and before you you wonder about the pictures of the older couple: the grandparents of the bride with the couple celebrated their 56th wedding anniversary. If that was even not a good omen for the marriage of the bride and groom!