Summer Wedding Dresses

Oh, how beautiful the wedding is in the summer! The hottest season of the year is undoubtedly also the most contagious and joyful of the calendar, is not it? All this joy and relaxation also infects many brides who, when deciding the wedding season, choose the hot summer days to go to the altar.

And no wonder: this is the holiday season, the natural light is wonderful – which helps make the photos even more perfect – in addition to the longer days.

However, for your summer wedding to be perfect, some care needs to be taken and some details observed such as care for the comfort of the guests and the right model of the wedding dress.

Keep an eye on our tips so that your summer wedding is unforgettable, in every way!

1 – The Ideal Place For The Ceremony And Reception

Summer is a wonderful time, but let’s face it: it’s not cool for guests staying more than an hour in a hot sun or a warm environment, is not it?

But it is possible to reduce and even neutralize these disorders. The first step is to carefully and carefully choose the location of the ceremony.

Outdoor Wedding

Summer is an invitation to outdoor ceremonies; whether on the beach, at the club or on the site. If this is the couple’s choice, pay attention to the following details:

Make sure there is sun protection for both the guests and the bride and groom. Here, the decor can help a lot! Use and abuse of tents, cloths and vegetation of the place to guarantee the well-being of all;

Be careful with the schedule! Avoid pinching the sun from 12 to 15 hours;

Provide umbrella for the guests. They can be part of the decor or stay in a basket. Besides being a treat, it is a polite way of showing attention and care.

Marriage Indoors

To define the ideal space, it is essential to observe the ventilation of the environment. Give preference to those who have good natural ventilation or who have a powerful air conditioning system.

2 – The Lightness In The Decoration

Summer is a season full of high-spirits and colors. How about bringing all this energy into the decoration of the ceremony?

Gardens, trees and landscaping are allied to the decor, whether outdoors or indoors. Do not save on cloths, tents and arrangements as pergolado of branches to give lightness and refinement to the environment.

Opt also for colors lighter and delicate as pastels, green and light pink. In addition to conveying tranquility, these colors give a feeling of freshness and relief.

And of course, do not forget the flowers! Here’s an addendum: in the summer, they tend to wither faster. Check out some tips to avoid this disorder.

Give preference to slower wilting species such as orchids, alstroemeria, evergreens, roses, lisianthus and carnations;

Make ice with flowers. This is a tip that, in addition to valuing the decor – when the ice melts – will bring an extra charm in the buckets of drink.

Use flowers in the candle arrangements. Using candles at weddings in the summer is allowed, yes! It is a good idea to put together water and flower arrangements and include floating candles. An extra charm for the table, do not you think?

3 – Hydration Is Essential

This tip is valid for any type of marriage in the summer – on the beach, in the club, on the site or in salons and indoors – after all, nothing more unpleasant than feeling thirsty, is not it?

Therefore, even before the ceremony, make water, flavored water and iced teas available to the guests. In addition to denoting good education, these pampering will add charm to your wedding!

4 – The Menu Must Be Light

Summer combines with light foods! Popsicles, fruit snacks, refreshing drinks, iced teas, ice cream cart, coconut water, natural juices, flavored water, smotthies, chup-chup, salads and natural sandwiches are great options to refresh your guests.

5 – The Right Dress For The Bride

Wedding in summer demands some special care when choosing the wedding dress. After all, every bride wants to be beautiful and comfortable on the most important day of her life, right?

To make the right choice, opt for lightweight fabrics and set aside the very long, crafted dresses that leave the look more loaded. Here at ITYPEUSA you can get more different models and styles.

A good option are the shorter dresses, full of delicacy and style. Rents are also super welcome! Besides bringing sophistication, they still guarantee the lightness and harmony in the composition.

But, it’s okay if your dream is to get married long! You can do it even in the summer. In this case, try working the long with very thin handles or the take-it-down.

6 – The Ideal Dresscode For Wedding In Summer

Again, it is always a good tone to think about the comfort of the guests. Suit and tie in a summer of 40 degrees is too much sacrifice, is not it?

How about putting on a special dresscode for the occasion? The social shorts are an excellent option to guarantee the well-being of the boys! Worth investing!

7 – The Accessories And The Pampering

The pampering and accessories are what will make your reception or ceremony even more innovative and special. So, abuse this question!


If the wedding is outdoors and during the day, sunglasses are a great souvenir! In addition to making the photos more stylish, they will be very useful during the ceremony.


The heat gets swollen feet and ride the jump in these conditions is terrible. The sand or grass still enhance this feeling of discomfort, so invest in the custom slippers to make the guests feel more comfortable to enjoy the party.


Another way to make your wedding in the summer even more personalized is to create fans for the guests with the couple’s design. The fans will still be extremely useful for relieving heat during the ceremony!


Mosquitoes can be a problem for weddings in the summer. To avoid discomfort, leave individual towels with repellent available to the guests. You can use baskets or small buckets to place them. You will be super charming and the guests will love the treat!

Fair And Reliable Suppliers

If you are looking for reliable suppliers for this type of ceremony, click here and meet our suppliers guide in your region.

And you, have other tips to ensure a perfect marriage in the summer? Use the comments and share your experiences with us!