Small Rooms Lounge: 5 Amazing Wedding Ideas

Lounge spaces are a trend that threatens to become a ‘must’ in any type of wedding: from day or night, elegant or boho, in lounge or garden… And these rooms are the perfect way to welcome guests – offering cocktails and snacks until they pass to the tables, but also an area where guests can take a drink, talk and rest of the dance floor during the party.

In addition, the lounge areas are the perfect opportunity to add a touch to the decoration of your link. The most important thing is to go in accordance with the theme of your wedding. Look at these examples and take to your imagination!

Shabby Chic

Shabby chic decor is characterized by the mixture of old elements with modern. If you want a room lounge as well, get a couple of antique furniture (large sofas, comfortable, old suitcases, lamps) and combine them with ceramic vases with roses, candles, candle holders and picture frames. This style tends to be quite busy, so don’t limit yourself with details. Note: take care that the colors are pastel shades.


Are you going to have a link to boho-chic? Then you will have to have a lounge area that combines. Oriental style will be perfect: get mats of vivid colors (purple, pink and turquoise look divine), embroidered cushions (sell them at bazaars and Hindu shops) and Petite tables. The idea is to create a cozy with candles, chandeliers and incense space so that your guests can relax.


Not all lounge areas have to be overloaded. If you prefer something more modern, choose furniture white and simple, all of the same style. Decorate with some elements of color, as vases (can use Mason Jars) and cushions. This style is perfect for weddings in gardens and beach.


Is your wedding elegant? Then add Golden touches to your lounge room, such as cushions, candlesticks, vases and Baroque frames. Don’t forget to place many mirrors! A green wall add a very special touch.


For a rustic wedding, vintage rooms are a great choice. Get large sofas, Petite tables and closets used; place large vases and antique frames hanging from trees.