Small Bags Women’s for Your Wedding

Long we had no shopping tips for you – that’s why there’s a today once again – whether bride or bride is not! This accessory is also ideal for the mother of the bride, Maid of honor, or “just” a guest at a wedding.

The hardest thing surely is the search for the perfect dress! If this is first of all in the bag, you can breathe deep! Then it continues but also already: shoes, accessories, something warm for the naked shoulders… and natural bag! And because such a bridal dress is already expensive enough “only” for a day, it is worth to invest, which long has something as absolutely in a bag! If the bag is simple and timeless, it is suitable particularly well and for you, it’s great, because every time you use it again, you will think back on your wedding.

Simple, timeless and still beautiful, so are the small bag bags! The designer Sabine Lettmann manufactures bags according to your personal wishes. Outdoor wool in different patterns, 100% Merino Wool. Soft inside then best leather. All genuine handmade – so really your personal unique. And if you like also decorated with beads or sequins. Each of the bags is an eye-catcher, and a highlight for your outfit. What bride more? 😀

How about E.g. with one small bag in your wedding colors? The bags are just big enough for what you need on your big day for you… You leave the rest in your maid of honor, or as we near a parked car. But you can’t have always UH a handkerchief, lipstick, a mint and a headache tablet of the bride at the man!

The bags shown above can be found in the online shop of small bags. Also a couple of colored models. In Hamburg, you will find the beautiful bags in the Studio of ambachervidic and in theSalon and in Vienna with HEYDAY.

We especially liked the mintfarbigen models! But of course, you can give your own personal desired color in order! Which would you?