Shuttle: Unique Twist on Your Look

Hello girls Everything good? Have you heard about the shuttle rocks?

If this is the way your stone accessory is faceted or cut. The purpose of stoning is to show the best features of the stone, taking into consideration your color, clarity (purity) and weight.

In recent times became a big trend in Accessories, your very sophisticated and unique format, so a special touch on the look.

On SoftJoias you will find a variety of accessories with stones with the shuttle.

Look at this wonderful Necklace! Essential to give a sophisticated touch to your look.

Are delicate accessories, versatile and elegant, ideal complement to all the looks. Give a touch more to production, making them chic and sophisticated.

Very charming and recommended for use at parties and weddings, always making one featured in your look!

Remember that with a beautiful brincão this, you don’t need a necklace, not to overload your look. Here at topbbacolleges you can get more models of the wedding items.

A more discreet Earrings, but without losing your charm, not to mention the color, your a wonderful, blue summer’s face!

Here you find more accessories with this touch, has for all tastes …

And then girls, which you liked accessory? Tell us in the comments.

Kiss!! ♥ ♥