Romantic Songs For Your Wedding

One of the most memorable moments of any wedding is when the newlyweds open track with a romantic song. Low lights, a soft melody and loved ones around the bride and groom dancing to the beat of the music… we in China you skin so only to imagine it!

Romantic Songs For Your Wedding

Many grooms choose songs that have marked their relationship; others opt for romantic melodies by definition, perfect for a bridal Waltz. If they have not chosen their wedding Waltz yet, love of songs by Elvis Presley are an excellent choice. Nobody better than the King of Rock to liven up their first married dance!

According to the team of nuptials, these are the 8 most romantic of Elvis songs:

Can’t Help Falling In Love

As a river flows to the sea
My dear, so it is our love
Some things are meant to be
Take my hand, take my whole life too
For I can’t help falling in love with you…

This song is not original Elvis, but certainly his version is the most romantic of all! The pace is mild, perfect so they dance embraced and are susurren things in your ear. And Yes, perfect also to shed a tear or two.

Love Me Tender

Love me tenderly
Love me, my dear
Tell me that you’re mine
I will be yours for eternity

This song perhaps not of the most famous Elvis, but go being able to boot us a sigh just listen. It is ideal to swear eternal love. Since it is very short, you can accompany it with another more joyful melody.

Don’t Be Cruel

We walk towards the priest
And say “I do”
Then you know that I have
And I will know that I have you…

Do you want to dance something romantic but somewhat moved? This is the perfect song for you. The letter talks about a man madly in love with his girlfriend and eager to marry her, and the pace is quite cheerful. That Yes: If you choose it, will have to practice some steps!

Are You Lonesome Tonight?

Now the stage is bare, and I’m standing there
Surrounded by empty
And if you do not return to me
I will ask them to lower the curtain

It is true: this is more than a love song, a song of defiance. In it, Elvis wondered if the girl that loves misses him as he does all day. We love the slow pace, the incomparable voice of Elvis and the choirs of the Fund.

Always On My Mind

I guess that I never told you
How happy I am by your side
If you did not feel important
My dear, I’m sorry, I was blind.
You were always on my mind.

This song, one of the most emblematic of Elvis, is also a song of regret. In it, a man asks his girlfriend one more opportunity to amend their mistakes and start from scratch. Maybe perfect for reconciliation?

She Wears My Ring

She carries my ring to show the world that it’s mine
She carries my ring to show the world that you will be with me forever
With care and love, I put it in his hand
To show the world how much I love it.

Elvis is more corny man that this planet has ever known, and this song is proof of this. It talks about the engagement ring and how it symbolizes the eternal love of two lovers. Corny, Yes, but ad hoc with the occasion and perfect for dancing very pegaditos, don’t you think so?

Unchained Melody

Oh, my love, my darling
I craved your touch
By a long, lonely time (…)
I need your love,
God, please, bring me your love.

Do you remember that scene in Ghost (the shadow of love) in which two lovers embrace while creating a piece of clay? This, one of the most romantic history is the song that is heard in the background. And the version of Elvis is, undoubtedly, the best!

Hawaiian Wedding Song

This is the moment that I both waited
I can hear my heart singing
Soon the bells will be ringing (…)
Love you much more than an eternity
Promise me that you will never go on my side.

Do we need to explain why this is a perfect song for newlyweds? If you choose it to dance at your wedding, take advantage of to add to your link some details with Hawaiian inspiration.