Real Weddings: Bruna and Rodrigo

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Ready to give a beautiful marriage and a beautiful love story? In today’s post the wedding of Bruna and Rodrigo 

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“We met at school, we were not friends or close, in fact there were teenage conflicts between us….. silly fights of boys and girls you know? He stuck my superbonder stuff in my wallet where I sat and I was very angry….

On the last day of the third high school class, the whole class of our year gathered in a cafeteria to celebrate the end of classes and the college, that day we met again (he had moved out of school a few months before the end of classes, we saw it for about 6 months, until that day). It was funny because we talked as if we were great friends, spent hours together in that celebration and even our friends surprised our sudden affinity rs .. That day we gave our first kiss (a kiss stolen by him) and we never separated again. Ten days later we were dating. That was on 04/12/2004.

We have been together for 11 years, we have gone through all the important stages of our growth, together, building our history with much companionship and partnership. Our family started early, with a month of dating the Rô gave me a dog, Jack, and we grew up as a trio. Jack passed away 10 years, 8 months before the wedding, but he was present in photos of our party and photos in the essay we did, because it symbolizes the first formation of our family.

Today we have another dog, Chico, brother of Jack, besides conquests of other natures: We met 8 countries together, we saw the snow for the first time together, we learned to ski together. We have created three companies together (all three are active), and we go through all the insecurity and challenges that this brings. I can say that holding hands in those moments for sure is the biggest reason for everything to have given and still be working.

Achievements like the first Iron Man Rô did, or my first major project in the area in which I work, have always moved us to seek new challenges and emotions. We feel privileged to have each other along this incredible journey, we know we could have gone through it all alone, without company, and we thank God that it was this way so full of love.

We built a house full of love, affection and details, to receive friends and to overflow joys! As I am an architect and he is my partner, we use all our knowledge and practice in building this dream further.

The History of Marriage:

With 9 years of dating we became engaged on a trip to the Caribbean. It was beautiful and exciting. He made the request on the open sea, on the balcony of the room, while we watched the night in the open sea.

Marriage preparations are laborious and often stressful, but with companionship and participation the two can all be done, resolved and the priorities met. Everything was exactly as we dreamed. We had the help of an advisory team for the preparations, and this helped a lot of years to organize and score priorities. For the decor of the party we did many things in DIY form… picture frames, ornaments with our initials, personalized table numbering, part of stationery and so on. I, as an architect, made the layout of the party, with furniture and decor layout, including a LINDA illuminated tree in the center of the hall, integrated into a central lounge facing the dance floor. The ceremony was exciting, the party was beautiful and lively, everything was exactly as we dreamed! Quality suppliers made all the difference! All excellent! “

Pre wedding

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Date: 09/12/2015

Church: São José do Jardim Europa

Church Decor: Marcio and Celso

Coral: Magnificat

Advisor: Lilac Eventos

Party: Villa Bisutti Berrini (gastronomy, bar and decoration was also theirs, all fantastic)

Making Off and Honeymoon: Sheraton WTC Hotel (in the same complex where the buffet is)

Film & Photo: Producer 7

Social network: Lejour

Day of the Bride: Kennzur

Stationery: Paper & Style

Fine Stationery: Noblesse Oblige

Sweets and Cake: Ninninha Sigrist

Well-married: Célia Well-married

Groom Clothing: Black Tie

Girls Clothing: Rodalu

Wedding Dress: Atelier Viella Bernardes


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