Personalized Gifts for the Bride and Groom

One usually marries only once in a lifetime, the more significant and exciting is the day for the couple in question. They enter into the holy covenant of marriage, promise to be loyal and give each other security, a circumstance that will be hard for many at the beginning, because bonds are always something special and not easy to plan. As a wedding guest you are therefore in the moral duty to give this marriage its blessing and to relax the tension of the bride and groom.

We want to show you the means by which you can hand over a personalized gift to the bride and groom, which will certainly be remembered.

From Wedding Candles To Funny Paintings

Very interesting are wedding candles, which you give as a supplement to the actual gift. This is where the name of the bride and groom as well as the date of the wedding ceremony can be engraved. The motif is a stylized heart or scenes from famous films. On the Internet there are some pages with this gift on offer, they are additionally provided with a small loop and can be labeled as desired. A funny saying raises the mood, for such candles are usually only after a few years really used, to celebrate the passing of the faded seventh year of the year.

Modern horseshoes, which act as fortune-tellers and give their marriage to the marriage, are also quite contemporary. They are ideal as a decoration for the first common apartment, can be engraved with two lines with text. The horseshoes available in the online specialist trade are basically genuine, used copies-which is a highly authentic and unique gift. Write down goals or wishes for the marriage, perhaps you will give the horseshoe in combination with a gingerbread heart, the respective names engraved on it.

Modern weddings live from the engagement of the wedding guests, which will make some ceremony already an unforgettable event. If the bride and groom are open-minded, you can give a reminder in the course of the evening. In each of them, you pack some of the items that the bride and groom had previously asked separately, which are meant to illustrate the cohesion and love of the two. If possible, this can also be equipped with a high-quality ring cushion with sanding belt, if you have the opportunity to do so as a grout. After that, everyone has to recognize the object and guess the common story, certainly a great fun for the whole wedding party and a first rehearsal for the wedding couple, which still awaits them.

The Love Story In A Painting

Something you can give as a good friends couple is an individual painting for the wedding. This service is mostly offered in special gift shops, behind each one there is an artist, who according to your specifications and pictures a funny or romantic painting exclusively made. Very modern are paintings based on the digital printing process, with which selected photos are framed in a pop-art environment. The facial expressions are stylized and individually reproduced, the background can be selected from a variety of motifs. This product, however, requires some preparation time, perhaps you can get in touch with the parents of the bride and groom to document the joint development from the kindergarten, the primary school to the love couple.

However, intimate photos are not included in this, but funny moments can be captured-these can be refined with little speech bubbles or text boxes when the painting has been delivered. The price for such an exclusive wedding gift is usually around 200 euros, but justifies the use in any case, since the painting is made on a wedge frame with linen and can be hung up immediately. For this, you can fix a dream charm pendant with the initial letters of the bride and groom on the left and right, made of high quality processed 925 sterling silver, and guarantees a view.