Outfits for the Wedding Guest

What General Principles Should I Consider As A Wedding Guest In Terms Of Styling?

Men are often said to have it much easier in the selection of clothes than women. But when it comes to wedding dress, it can sometimes be a bit trickier for the men than expected. But if you know a few basic rules that you can orient yourself to, the supposedly challenging mission “How do I dress as a wedding guest?” Becomes a children’s game.

First of all you should try to avoid the biggest fashion faux pas. These include, above all, sneakers.They lost absolutely nothing at a wedding. If, however, it is a garden wedding, which is somewhat informal, one can as a casual alternative gladly to Loafers. Otherwise, you can never go wrong with a well-fitting Oxford shoe, it is elegant and suitable for weddings. Just take care that he is beautifully clean and well maintained. Do not forget to tune the color of the belt with the shoe color. It is also important to keep the tie neat. Male wedding guests should definitely take distance from wildly patterned or lavishly decorated neckties, as also applies to the lords of creation: The bridegroom is in the forefront of the wedding. Be careful not to compete with the groom’s outfit. Of course, this also applies to the suit and the shirt, because shrill colors and striking patterns are not suitable for wedding dresses. A tie that brings some color into the game is however always a good idea, a delicate rose or light blue looks smart and stands for everyone. Even a handkerchief looks very elegant and makes her outfit more complex and interesting. Let us now go to the jacket-a traditional rule says that it is not a question to leave ebendieses before the bridegroom puts his own-and this habit should be kept. The subject of jeans is a simple “law”: leave home! Because jeans have lost nothing on a wedding. If these first rules are followed, you have already made a big step and avoided the biggest fat deposits. Congratulations! Let’s put the dress codes into play…

Styleguide: What Wedding Dress Codes Are There And What Do They Mean For My Clothes Selection?

Now it becomes exciting: Which dresscode has the bride and groom chosen for his dream wedding?Will it be classy and formal or completely relaxed, casual and simple-elegant? And what do all these specialist ministries mean for their clothes selection? Find out which look the expectant spouses will expect from them and how they will implement the specifications optimally to become the perfectly styled wedding guest. Here at Top-mba-universities you can get more different models and styles.

White Tie

To German “big evening suit”-This dress code lets them know that they should necessarily wear a tailcoat. He is the most elegant of all dress codes, so expect a pompous and very chic wedding party.You should also adjust your outfit accordingly. Under the skirt (the jacket of the suit), they wear a white shirt with a stand-up collar, and a white vest, and their legs are dressed with a pair of silk trunks. Never wear a tie to this motto, but absolutely a white fly, optimally self-tied. Only black patent leather oxfords match this highly sophisticated look. These should of course be well-maintained and shiny polished. As accessories, a gold watch should be selected, leather tapes are rather inappropriate. If it is completely exclusive, the bridal couple can also be desired a cylinder and white gloves, which is however rather rare.

Black Tie Or Smoking

Black Tie or even tuxedo is another common dress code at a wedding. It is not as formal as White Tie but nevertheless very elegant and is often desired as a wedding dresscode. Wear a festive tuxedo with a black self-tufted fly. There are no clogged, white or colorful flies. They do not fit into this dress code and do not leave you in a good light. In the tuxedo shirt you should choose a concealed button-strip and a folding collar so that the fly fits properly. Cuff buttons are also obligatory for this dress code. In the color selection for the shirt you have only one option and that is white! Cream or off-white are not recommended. For this purpose, you combine a vest or a cummerbund. In addition, a tuxedo jacket is put on to the crowning conclusion. This can be one or two rows and the lapel, as well as the side strip of the trousers (Galon) are made of noble silk. This style is also complemented by beautiful black lacquered oxfords, which are polished to a high gloss, but they can also choose the classic varnish-colored opera pumps. Only black, at least calf-high socks go there. Accessories are saved, because this look stands for simple, simple elegance, cufflinks and a handkerchief.

Cut (Away)

The cut (away) is a day-dress. The term “cut” refers to the “cut” ends of the crank. He sits next to the characteristic frock coat of a striped trousers, a vest, a shirt with turn-down collar and a long tie or plastron. To crown this very sophisticated look, a cylinder is worn. The gray cut is reserved for the bridegroom at weddings with this dress code. As a wedding guest, choose a black or anthracite skirt with matching trousers, a light gray waistcoat and a white shirt. In addition to a light gray, they can also opt for a more cheerful, colored vest. Sounds like for example light blue, pink or a covered yellow look interesting. If you know what color scheme the decoration of the wedding lounge follows (sometimes the decoration is entirely in red or lilac), they could adjust their vest to it. A black vest is generally classified as no-go, just as a fly is not worn to the cut. A smooth black Oxford or Moncstraps dress their feet elegantly and fit best.

Summery Elegant

In this dress code, first of all, put on light materials. Thin cotton or airy linen are ideal. Then choose a bright suit, for example in beige or brown, and combine a nice tie. Be careful not to do anything wrong with the upper shirt! A short-sleeved shirt is an absolute no-go at any wedding! Even if it is warm, remember the old basic rule, which we have already presented: Do not remove the jacket until the bridegroom has pulled it off. A colored handkerchief fits by the way very well to the summer-festive motto and could harmonize color with the dress of her accompaniment. Black leather braids like Derby, possibly also with the popular Brogue ornament, complete their outfit.


With this dress code, the main focus is on a “rule”: freedom! The style-conscious man wears a dark suit (for example, dark blue or black) with a tie, but this is a voluntary and usually not a must. For security, however, you can always ask the bridal couple whether a tie is desired. It is especially nice when you match the color of the tie to the dress of the companion. This proves good taste and looks stunning. If you want to stand out, a dark red or very discreet patterned suit would be quite conceivable. Another variation, which can be worn with this dress code, would be a light pants with an elegant, dark jacket. As accessories, a not too big watch and cufflinks serve the same tone. Look for a colorfully harmoniously rounded look, for example, for a silver watch and silver cufflinks, and the belt buckle should also be held in silver. Last but not least: Always adjust the color of the belt of the shoe color. Here, too, you can look after the smooth leather shoes.

Smart Casual

With this dress code it is somewhat casual. Nevertheless, you should not wear leisure clothes such as jeans or sneakers, which unfortunately looks totally tasteless. Let’s start from the bottom-with the shoes, apart from sneakers offers a variety of choices. Oxfords, Derbys, or Brogues are a good idea, but also Loafers or Double Monks look sharp at the feet. Trousers made of high-quality fabric, a simple shirt and a sporty jacket are a good starting point for the Smart Casual look. It is not a duty to limit yourself to a white shirt, also light blue or other pastel tones can be found in this dress code. A tie can be dispensed with here.

No Dresscode

What to do if your dress code is not marked? Try to orient yourself to the listed principles, which have already been introduced. In general, the following is true: You can not go wrong with a suit unless an explicit dress code is given. As with the ladies, there is also the helpful “trick” to look at the invitation more closely and ask yourself: Where is the wedding taking place? Is it a rather casual location or a very festive atmosphere that demands more elegance? If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the bridal couple.