Options of the Brand Rose & Born for the Costume of the Groom

I firmly believe that when we want the best we have to aim high, even though our intentions beyond that which is set forth in the budget, the important thing is to keep our sharp taste, based on what is best to establish our parameters. And when the subject is clothes of quality and good taste of the designer Swedish Rose & Born hits him in full, his creations include the classic without leaving aside the current trends are perfect for anyone looking for a good reference of the costume for grooms and other ceremonies that require a costume impeccable, check out the photos below:

Options of the Brand Rose &amp Born for the Costume of the Groom

Above a tip with tuxedo double-breasted and bow-tie, a costume that serves for both a solemn event, such as an award (someone thought of Oscar?), as for a wedding, leaving the tie to the traditional side. The Oxford shoe in varnish and the belt are perfect to complement.


Again the bow tie in the spotlight, but this time with a suit jacket lapel picked and breasted simple, with just a button, something very modern for a piece so classic. The handkerchief in the pocket is almost mandatory in a look like this and I do not open hand of it.


Here a suit simple but well cut by taking advantage of the beautiful tie with microestampa and scarf dark to give prominence to the branch, fastened to his lapel. Is the suggestion of the use of braces in a color that is very much alive and, to unwind, a moccasin comfortable. Sometimes to break the rules and impose his creativity, as did the person responsible for this styling, can be a great balcony, but be careful with exaggerations and eccentricities!


The flower and the red scarf comes in to break the monopoly of the neutral colors, for this to serve as the accessories and props! A shoe double monk jumpers, high two years ago, can be another beautiful adaptation in the costume usual, mainly by the color that runs away from the usual black.