Noble Hair Jewelry from Venice Lace

For our Venice week, of course, we also have a very special shop tip for you: Laura Havimo comes from Helsinki and handmade beautiful hair jewelry from noble Venice lace. The lace is embroidered with fine beads and sequins and can be fixed in a wide variety of positions in the hair. You can find your entire lookbook here, you can find your Etsy shop here.

Venice is famous for its long tradition of craftsmanship: Venice glass and Venice lace are typical of the lagoon city. Lace was especially in the 16th and 17th centuries of women in Burano lace and was considered to be the most valuable tip in the whole of Europe: in the middle of the 19th century, the old tradition threatened to die out, only one woman dominated it from generation to generation The way it is delivered. Founded in the year 1872, the top school Scuola The lace received the old tradition but alive. True Burano-Lace has its price to this day: it has become an exclusive, extremely rare luxury-well-promoted.

Laura Havimo understands how to work the lace in her exclusive hair parts in such a way that her whole magic is only properly realised by the added beads and embroidery. The Finn has created the head jewellery in Spanish style with her own wedding in mind. By the way, she also works with personal wishes on request.

My Finnish is extremely rusty in recent times, but who likes and can who finds on her blog more info about her fascinating hair jewelry. Here at boothbuying you can get more wedding accessories models .

Photos and headdresses by Blingalong

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