No, Honey, I’m Not Selling My Wedding Dress {Brides Only}

That Chris wants to sell her wedding dress, made me ponder. Okay, it’s only your second – or third-party dress, because her beloved had as Yes special wishes… But still. What does that mean for me?

No, Honey, I'm Not Selling My Wedding Dress {Brides Only}

My dress hangs for over a year in the cellar. I would have let determine with my husband I would be appeared probably in a borrowed dress to our wedding.
“You wear it only once!” he stressed the naked fear, I would up to four-digit amount buy a clothes for medium and bring a personal bankruptcy in our marriage again and again in his eyes.
Of course, I bought a dress. Financially, I remained acceptable marriage material. The first few weeks after the wedding was the good piece to slightly wistful languishing in our bedroom, some floors then it moved deeper into the cellar. The man had it of course not without comment.

“What we do with your dress?” his question now.

I replied “Nothing”, sparingly. “It depends but very good next to your wet suit. When did you wear really the last time the?” 1:0 for me, verbal knockout in the first round.
It’s not like a Vivienne Westwood in our underground storage room gathering dust inexcusably let.Would I have the dress on the market, we could go eat maybe once very beautiful from the proceeds. In Exchange for an irreplaceable keepsake? No way.

I freaked out for joy, my grandmothers for me would have brought their wedding dresses of yesteryear from the attic, so I can wrap me in the old fabric and turn in front of the mirror, would be sniffing the aura of the past century. But the wedding outfit of my grandparents – which I find by the way absolutely great – was on loan. At that time they had no yes! There was engagement rings in Exchange for a bag of potatoes. Wonderful story, but unfortunately not a dress.

Of course I do not expect that at some point a daughter or granddaughter enthusiastically close my basement-fragrance-soaked dress in the arms and ecstatic: “Wow! Can I wear it please?”will scream. But I’ll can show more something to be touched as a few photos. And to give as a gift. The notion that in many, many years someone from this fabric sew flowers for the bridal bouquet, a handkerchief for the groom or dresses for the flower girl would be, is worth more than a few euros to my account to me.

So I would have done it because like, antique wedding dresses in my family had waited such an appearance. A piece of fabric from the wedding of my grandparents, whose married for 65 years. I can not imagine a better luck.