Navy Blue Wedding Color

Details navy blue for wedding

In this occasion I want to share the best ideas you can implement in a wedding if you want the main color of it to be navy blue, look at all the precious ideas by adding this color, I hope you like it very much.

This color seems ideal for weddings (What is a Wedding: that are held in cold weather, any winter months would be ideal as it looks very ad hoc with the seasons, you can play with combinations that with the navy blue can be made as it looks Very well with the color green, gray and gold, already depends on the tastes of each bride as you want to combine or if you will only have navy blue details your wedding.
So I set out to find the best ideas that you can implement in your wedding if you choose this color and I found many parents, ideas of slippers, pastels, invitations that fascinated me, also how your ladies can dress and many more details Which you will see in the gallery below, I hope you like it remember that you can share this gallery with family and friends who you think may also be interested in the subject.

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