Nails Decorated for the Brides in the Weeding

The fashion of decorated nails is a trend, on the face of it, it is natural that brides also wish to use this icon of fashion on this special date.

Nails Decorated for the Brides in the Weeding

Many brides end up opting for the traditional dress, however it is possible to give a relaxed touch and break the atmosphere of seriousness of the bride, using fun decorated nails.

Check out some decorated nail tips that brides can wear during their wedding date:

1 – Nozzles

This decorated nail is simple to make, the idea is to draw on the nails prints with the style of bride and even the groom. To do just pass the base, and apply on 4 fingers the glitter and a nail paint all white. In the other fingers, simply put rhinestones, and with the white enamel paint half the nail.

On the white nail, paint a piece with black enamel and the remaining space make a bow like the tie of the groom.

2 – Red Nails Decorated

For brides who like darker colors, red is an alternative as it enhances the beauty of their hands, plus a beautiful design your nails will look super beautiful.

To create this effect choose the white color for the decoration of your nails, the two colors will give a nice enhancement. Another tip is to bet on the new trend of nails in chess as shown in the picture below.

3 – Glitter Blue

Blue is a neutral color, however, for the ceremony this color may be an alternative for brides who wish to use a different shade. For your nail to look more beautiful and charming the glitter is a great option. Here at you can get more different models and styles. 

4 – Nails With Golden Details

One tip is to stamp your nails with small gold-toned ribbons. To do just use a base and with a toothpick make a straight with golden enamel. To give a special touch place a pebble in the middle of the nail or highlight a nail all glítter.

5 – Metallic Nails

This style of decorated nail does not exist secret just find the enamel in this color and paint your nails.

6 – Traditional Rose

Brides who prefer to keep the color discreet can bet on the traditional rose. Your nails look sweet and beautiful! As shown in the picture you can bet on super stylish French in ripples and highlight a fingernail paint it in white and decorate it with small florets. Cute and funny!

7 – Lilac

Lilac is also an alternative for brides, in this way, just apply the lilac enamel, if the bride wishes to give a differentiated effect, simply put rhinestones, glitter, or stickers.

8 – Heart

The passionate brides can show their love in the nails. With a lighter enamel, on a single nail create a heart-shaped white enamel design.

9 – With Flowers

The romantic ones can use stickers to give a special touch to the nails. With the fingernail made in the French style, apply flower stickers on the fingers.

10 – Strass

The rhinestones give a shine to the nails and every woman loves, in this way, with the fingernail in the French style, apply some pebbles on the fingers.