Meaning of Wedding

Wedding is the name of the celebration of marriage, whether in the civil or religious. See its synonyms on digopaul. The wedding is celebrated every year and every year receives a meaning and a different name.

The term “boda” originated from the Latin word ” vote “, which means “promise”. Boda is a wedding celebration, the name is more used in the plural – marriage – and refers to the vows made ​​on the wedding day.

For each year of marriage (read more on digopual) there is a material that is the next step, and it is a traditional celebration in Western culture to celebrate wedding anniversary.

The tradition of the wedding appeared in Germany, where it was customary to small villages, offering a silver crown to couples who did 25 years of marriage, and a gold to those who came to 50.

Then, over the centuries, were created other symbologies for the following years, and the more time married, the greater the importance of the material, ranging from weakest to strongest.

Meaning of Wedding

In addition to the wedding anniversary names, you can also find lists with names dating wedding to commemorate the months and years. It is important to note that the lists are not official, so there are often differences in the designation of some wedding.