Makeup for Your Weeding

Check out tips and ideas to organize a bachelorette party unforgettable.

The wedding is next, and you still haven’t planned your lingerie shower? So come with us. We have great tips for your event to be very special.

Who wants House House, but also want pots, decorative items and – of course – new lingerie! Thus, the tea is a pre-wedding preparation which also deserves a special preparation. Come see how to do!

Tips to make your Lingerie shower


Your tea will have a specific theme? So the invitation can follow that same vibe.

If there is a specific proposal and decorating style, you can make a fun invitation, toying with the idea of lingerie and to renew your wardrobe.


You need to define where will be held the event. If you ever thought the amount of calls to be delivered, an idea of how many guests you will have.

So, choose a location that supports with comfort friends and relatives who will participate.

3-What will be served

Besides a well-planned table with sweets, snacks and a tasty cake, think if you serve only finger food (the food you can eat with your hands) or if there will be a buffet with meals.

Also remember the drinks, soft drinks, water and cocktails with and without alcohol.


Have you decided which is the playlist of the tea? A suggestion: opt for female songs, lively, which give feel like dancing and elevate the mood of the fridge.

In fact, the event needs to have fun, since the tea asks the jokes already. Is your day to win lingeries and, who knows, have to parade with them (yeah!). Get into the mood.


As already in advance, a gathering of women to celebrate the wedding of one of her friends asking for lots of fun and games.

If it’s not tea pots, but of panties, brassieres, garters and corsets, the idea is that the games are less innocent.

But don’t be scared by the idea. Can happen to have simply to guess which piece of underwear is in your hand, you have to use the one you missed and guess what friend gave each lingerie.

When you make a mistake, you have to pay a gift! Dance or have to do fun tasks that the guests asked.


Heart-shaped balloons, stars, panties and what else find interesting will give a guy fun and gracious to your get-together between friends.

Lipstick, little mouths, flowers. It’s going to be great on top of the main table. If you ever thought in the colors of your tea, invest them in every detail.


How would you like to present your guests with nail polish? Are very cute and useful souvenirs. Who doesn’t like being with your nails professionally done, isn’t it? Here at you can get more different models and styles.

An event that represents both the self-esteem of the bride can and should provide that moment of care of herself to the women present.

8 – photos

In the Middle era of social networking, photo sharing and selfies, you little bride can not miss the opportunity to take many pictures of your day!

With platelets fun, all the girls will love posing for photographs in your celebration. A day of women, to play and unwind deserves to be immortalized with a lot of pictures.

All ready to start planning your lingerie shower? That your day unforgettable!