Make the Perfect Bridal Makeup by Yourself

The wedding day is one of the most important days in a woman’s life. The dress hangs ready and now only makeup and hairstyle are missing. Above all, it is important to remain true to yourself. If you apply too much, you can look quickly disguised. Of course, the look should stand out from the everyday, but do not exaggerate. 

If the foundation of the bridal make-up is right, the individual style, style and motto can be further refined. 

You can follow different styling ideas-from subtle to rocky or glamorous. 

The Delicate Elf
A natural, light hair and make-up styling looks young and feminine. Especially women with light skin tone and blonde hair can underline their delicate appearance with the following look: coral or pink lipstick, lovely, bright rouge color matching the lips and white eyeshadow highlight at the inner eye angle, which provides an extra freshness. Under the lipstick the bride can apply a nursing ball to the mouth. This guarantees a gentle, unforgettable wedding kiss. Here at Top-medical-schools you can get more models of the wedding eyelashes items.

The eyebrows can be left unpupted naturally in this girlish styling and the hair is worn open. Light waves and two strands braided along the head from the front head frame the delicate make-up perfectly. When married in the summer, a narrow floral ring, loosely resting on the hair, is a possible highlight accessory of the bridal tapestry. 

The Elegant Lady
Self-confident, graceful women can trust themselves at their wedding by powerful lipstick and a striking hair styling! A warm dark red emphasizes the lips and makes the lips look fuller. For dark lipstick paints, it is important to trim the mouth with lipliner to achieve a better hold.

Since a red kiss mouth draws much attention, the rest of the make-up should be kept rather discreet with this look. The eyebrows can be easily pulled with a color pencil suitable for natural hair color, and some black mascara can be washed on the eyelashes. Silver-white highlights on the cheekbones give the face a contour and freshness. 

Ladies with long hair could tie their hair back to a tight dutt. Women with a narrow, elongated face stand a braid on the upper back of the head particularly well, women with a short, wider face a knot at the lower back. In order to loosen the somewhat strict look, individual strands can be pulled out at the front of the hair attachment, which play the face delicately. 

The Young Lady
The bride likes a classic style, is a subtle primer, slight emphasis on the eyes with a fine dark brown eyeliner and bright, matte eyeshadow in a nudeton underneath, plus a lipstick in apricot, rosy rouge and a highlighter on top eyelid, the optimal makeup , The bright accent below the brows makes the eyes look bigger, the Rosaton of the Rouges ensures a healthy complexion.

If a traditional bridal styling pleases, it carries a transparent tulle veil in the hair. Integrate her fine veil into her hairstyle by wearing her hair in the side crest and twist to a dutt side of the head. The veil can then be stuck with a large clasp with silver stones at the back of the head. The veil looks particularly beautiful over the back with a shoulder-free dress. 

The Rocky Bride
Women who like to be strikingly differently styled and like to make themselves strong in everyday life, can carry mysterious Smokey Eyes even at the wedding. With a color range of different colors-darkening from the inside to the outside-they accentuate their eyes. For this, you should circle the eye with a fine kajallinie and apply mascara properly. 

For an even more intense look, it is even possible to glue artificial lashes to extend your own. However, these must necessarily be of high quality and stick well so that they do not disturb the bride during the ceremony.

In combination with this extremely eye makeup, the rest of the make-up should be kept simple. On the lips you can put on a light gloss with a transparent gloss. The cheekbones can be highlighted with a highlighter. This line directs the focus even more to the eye area. 

The hands are a body part, which is often given too little attention. But on the day of the wedding, the bride’s hands are frequently under observation: when she holds the bridal bouquet, when the wedding rings are exchanged, when she congratulates when dancing with her bridegroom. Consequently, neat hands and fingernails are a must at wedding parties.

Before the nail polish, a rich hand cream should be applied with essential oils that make the skin soft and shimmering. It is particularly beautiful when the cream has the same perfume as the perfume of the bride. If the skin is supplied with nutrients, the nails can be embellished. 

For this purpose, you should first apply a basecoat to protect the natural nail and for longer hold of the varnish. Then you can paint the nails in a relatively inconspicuous color. For the wedding, delicate pink, lilac or peach shades are best suited. Also the French-Nails-Style with white lace fits very well to the bridal look. The overall image of the bride appears particularly harmonious when her fingernails bear the same color as her mouth.