Lilac and White Maxi Weeding Dress

The wedding in the field is a major trend in today’s ceremonies. This fashion came from the United States and is very successful here in Brazil. It’s no wonder that an outdoor wedding is sensational and inspiring, so the bridesmaids and noivines are sticking to this fashion.

The charm of nature and the sunshine bring more joy and harmony to a wedding, so it’s worth staking the field for your wedding!

But what is the color palette for your outdoor wedding? First of all you should think of soft colors that combine and reflect the harmony of the environment. Here we speak of red and yellow, pink and tiffany blue, coral, but another combination that may be perfect for the ceremony the sunlight is the lilac and white palette. Here at you can get more different models and styles. 

Lilac brings delicacy, softness and spirituality. White already carries peace and purification. However these colors can bring to your wedding an immense meaning. Today we bring to you various inspirations to use these colors in your wedding.


The decoration as in any type of ceremony requires creativity and sophistication. It is important to pay attention to every detail so that everything comes out in perfect order.

Cake Table

For a wedding in the country, how about using crates instead of the table for the cake? The use of crates give more style to the theme of your wedding, see how beautiful it was in the photo below.

Godmothers And Godparents

Since the subject is lilac and white, the godmothers and godparents can not be left out. For the bridesmaids, it is worth betting all following the standard color on the dresses, it is beautiful to see as shown in the picture below. For godparents, nothing better than using the tie and the lapel in the same tone to synchronize with the godmothers. Is not it maximum?

Bridal Gowns

To break up a bit with lilac in the bridesmaid dress, the bridesmaids can wear an all-white dress with a stripe in lilac color. It’s simple and beautiful! Already the pages can bet without fear in the striped tie in lilac color.


Another important mega detail is the souvenir, after all it is the main memory that the guests will take from your party. So, personalize your pampering. In the photo below, boxes printed with a small lilac bouquet is a good option! Inside you can put well-married or even something more creative! Use your creativity!


We know that the invitation is the first impression that the guests will have of your party. It is important to know how to use colors carefully, that is, in the same tone that you will use on the big day. If you have chosen a lighter tone at your party, bet on the invitation as well, as it will become more standardized.