If You Prefer Your Mixed Cocktail and Not Hectic, We Have The Accessories Most Cool of The Moment

Cocktails they are still a trend and the bartender and cocktail experts creativity has no limits. As well as professionals who are dedicated to designing as exotic and creative accessories as the cocktails that will decorate. We bring you a selection of the stirring so mix your favourite drink is as cool as effective.

This fabulously decadent set of shakers will bring an extra brightness (and information!) to your cocktails. Perfect for those parties in which there are too many guests and want to make sure that everyone knows what your Cup. They are made by hand and accept custom orders, which makes them a perfect accent for weddings.

These agitators there will be no doubt about the kind of cocktail that you are serving. What do you prefer? A Bellini? Would a Gin & Tonic? Or are you more champagne? Colourful design gives you the glam touch and if you want, you can also order agitators with the initials of your guests and combine colors.

If you are crafty and accounts with raffia, a pair of scissors, some glue and patience, also You can make your own agitators. Like these have found in Celebrations and are perfect to serve some kind of alcoholic concoction the night of Halloween.

Mr and Mrs Swizzle agitators have been born with the objective of be the protagonists in the anniversary festivities, a special gift for the couple who has a lot to celebrate.

If you want to your cocktails having this tropical which only provide fruit more exotic they are agitators ranging game. For a wedding, as well as for a Hawaiian party.

A very simple idea… and all a puntazo for check- with your guests. We have seen it in Camille Styles and we would have never imagined that a spoon of honey had more life than serving us the sweet liquid.

We are confident that a base of cava or Champagne cocktails know much better with these shakers’s elegant and classic design, personalized with the initials of the promised. And they are especially designed for engagement parties and ordered hand. A great little detail.

The tulleANDtwig company has specialized in designing agitators custom-made and putting the message you choose. A different way of communicating what you want and further customize your event.

If you are planning a feast of vintage style or a viewing, for example, from the series Mad Men, without a doubt these agitators of plastic with pin-up shapes should be on your shopping list. The FuzzandFu company distributes them.

What more could you ask him to your party that serve cocktails with? vibrant pink flamingos in its interior? It may be more retro we’ve seen, if we forget about the umbrellas of paper with flowers, clear.

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