How’s It Going?

If I share the interviews with my dear plus size brides and DIY brides , the question always arises, how is this about our own wedding planning. Since the last update is already a while, and our wedding ceremony is so comfortably close to tangible proximity, I would like to bring you today up to date.
Short reminder: Sven and I will trust in the autumn (the exact date, when everything has winked ) and plan for September 2017 a larger wedding party. The idea was originally that we now just get married easily and without stress, and then afterwards we take care of the planning of the celebration. Spoiler: That did not work out …

For the regular wedding ceremony, the most important thing is that our families and friends from outside have booked rooms in Wiesbaden, we have a cool location, where we can enjoy brunch and coffee after the wedding, our dear friend Coralie Reuter Will be both guest and photographer, yesterday we picked up Svens suit and the rings are ready soon … I myself have thrown my outfit plans again and again and am not completely decided what I will wear – but that will be Already find. I’m confident!

To wait until after the wedding ceremony to get started with the planning for next year would have been a mistake – and I am very glad that I was pointed out! The location search can not really start early enough, because even a year before is so much occupied. Thanks to many great tips from dear readers, on the bloggerpicknick and from brides in my circle of acquaintances, we had a good selection – so nice, that so many gladly pass on tips. We have also visited venues and made our choice. If you are looking for great locations near Wiesbaden and the Rheingau, I can only recommend Giovannas location list !
Much more we have not yet planned … the next steps would be well: Photographers determine, catering booking, Gästeliste set, save-the-date-cards send (I would like to create no later than December) – puh, much to do!
Again and again, I have read the tip to concentrate on the three points that are most important for the wedding planning, and to plan for more budget. What was / would that be with you? Here at fashionxenia you can get more different models of the wedding fashion.
For me personally, the photos are very important, I would love to do a lot in the decoration myself and I would like to have many dear people at our side and can also take my time for my guests. As this is manifested exactly in the planning, let’s take a look …

It’s not that bad, but I’d like to have a look at it before I get it. I doubt again and again: does every celebration need something like chair chairs? Is this really a good idea to celebrate twice (and then have to plan twice)? Is it all too expensive? Is now really the best time or should we wait until we are firmly in the professional life? Shall we just go away and only marry a couple? Sometimes we feel a bit left alone with all the decisions … I can often decide not so well.
A decision, which I have met long ago and which I do not doubt at all, is that I want to marry Sven. ♥

The pictures have by the way my maid Annalena made, when we were invited to a wedding anniversary celebration in early August and on the way still a short photo stop ( like last year before the wedding). Thank you my dear! ♥ So we also have a couple of couple pictures as a fiance.
Svens shirt is from New York, the pants of C & A, the shoes of Deichmann and his Smartwatch is a Pebble Time.