How to Choose the Bridesmaid and Pajem of Your Wedding?

One thing that should not be missing in a wedding is the presence of the bridesmaid and page, they are the ones that give a special charm all the ceremony of your wedding. 

The choice of bridesmaid and pageboy for marriage is difficult for many couples, especially when the family has many children, or when you want to honor a relative in particular. 

But how do you choose the maid of honor and the page? 

Well, first, you need to understand the role and importance of these two characters in a wedding, for, incredible as it may seem, many bride and grooms do not know exactly what the maid of honor and the page do during the ceremony. 

Role Of The Bridesmaid And Page 

Traditionally, the function of the bridesmaid and the page is to take the wedding rings to the altar, but as you may have seen in weddings or even photos online, this dupline can do many other things that can make the marriage even more charming It’s exciting. 

Petals: Many brides find the hallway made of rose petals beautiful before they enter the church, or where the ceremony will take place, and between us, it’s really beautiful. Here at Best-medical-schools you can get more different models and styles.

It is up to the bridesmaid to carry the basket with the petals down the hall where the bride will pass and throw these petals along the way. 

Making a hallway with rose petals, regardless of the color chosen by the bride and groom, gives a more romantic air to the wedding ceremony. 

Bouquet: there are still grooms who opt for the maid of honor’s entrance with a mini bouquet for children, leaving the ceremony more graceful and graceful. 

In this case, it is very worth the creativity of the couple to make the mini bouquet of the bridesmaids. It can be made from teddy bear, candy, mini flowers. 

Plaquinhas: another way to make the entrance of the girl and the page at the wedding ceremony, is the entry of the letters with messages. Here in the blog already published ideas of plaquinhas, see here. 

The plaques are used to make the ceremony more dynamic and fun. The phrases of the plaquinha are the most diverse, again, what counts here is the creativity. 

The phrases range from religious verses, to the classic “here comes the bride”. There are also those fun, that relaxes everyone as “still gives time to escape” and then “do not run away, she looks beautiful!”. Enjoy and download 7 cards Here comes the bride for free.

Who Can Be A Bridesmaid And A Pajamas? 

Here there are no rules, the important thing is that the bride and groom choose the bridesmaid and the page for their marriage by mutual agreement. 

Most couples choose children up to 6 years of age, as they believe it is more “cute” and charming, that this age group gives a ‘q’ of sweetness and charm for the wedding ceremony. These children can be nephews, cousins, children of friends, and even the couple’s son! 

Yes! There are couples who already have children and after a certain time of coexistence decide to marry the right to the ceremony and party, then nothing sweeter than having the fruit of this love as a page that will carry the rings or the bridesmaids who Will enter with the rose petals. 

Just thinking about the scene is already emotional, and you? There are still those grooms who want to pay homage to a loved one, and invite the grandmother or great-grandmother, for example, as a bridesmaid. 

Guys, you can not be thrilled to see a little voice coming in with the rings. Even the person who says he is cooler will cry, because he is very handsome. 

But that does not mean that you can not invite children also as bridesmaids or page, actually put both children and adults with this function in a wedding ceremony, will make everything much more charming and exciting. 

Rehearse With This Group 

Take the time to rehearse the bridesmaids and the page at the wedding ceremony, otherwise you run the risk of them feeling lost, not knowing what to do and running away. 

Remember that the wedding venue will be full of people unknown to the little ones, and that this will make them nervous, somewhat pressured, so take one person or another as an audience, so they begin to understand the situation from the rehearsal and Accustomed to a high number of children. You know that even rehearsing, the entrance of the bridesmaid and the page will never be like the rehearsal, will not you? 

But this does not matter, because this possible confusion makes their entrance more spontaneous and amusing, which will be remembered by all guests, as well as the bride and groom. So leave them at ease! 

Now is it easy to choose who will be the bridesmaid and the page of your marriage? Share with us in the comments and leave your main doubts as well. Do not forget to subscribe to our newsletter to receive first hand content every week in your email.