Harmonious Wedding Decoration with Lavender

If you have lavender in your wedding decoration, it is almost as if you bring a bit of South France holiday to your location. The popular medicinal plant, for which Provence is known in particular, simply creates a relaxed and intimate ambience on tables and cakes.

We have wedding decoration ideas around the lavender for you. From the table decoration to the cake decoration, lavender decoration makes just great at your wedding. If you want more wedding decoration ideas, visit WHOLESALEABLY.COM.

Wedding decoration with lavender

If you have selected blue or purple as wedding colors, the wedding decoration lavender is exactly the right thing. The Provencal plant blooms from June to August. The best way to get your lavender is, for example, the florist, the weekly market, the garden center.

Flower decoration with lavender

Lavender sprinkles a true feel-good fragrance. It acts soothing and relaxing, is even good for insect repellent. Take special care for your table decoration with lavender so that it does not smell too much. Otherwise, some guests might be disturbed by the food.

Table decoration with lavender

Even with a few lavender branches, you can lend your table decoration the certain something, a subtle vintage charm.In particular to natural brown tones (eg with jutestoffs) or to white tip, lavender makes a wonderful decoration!

Cake decoration with lavender

If you have used lavender in several places of your wedding decoration, you can carry it to the wedding storte. An unusual idea that draws a red thread of lavender through your entire wedding.

Lavender bag as a guest gift

If you have used lavender for your decoration, you can also use the beneficial medicinal plant as a guest gift. Whether a small bottle of fragrance oil or a sachet of lavender blossoms – surely the gift will arrive well with your guests and find a lot of use!

Our tip to the end: After your beautiful lavender decoration on tables and co. Noticed, your guests will surely smile, if you also on the toilets of lavender soap thought.